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    Kero Blaster (PC, iOS, PS4)

    Out now on PS4 (been out a while on PC and iOS), the latest from Daisuke Amaya aka 'Pixel' of Cave Story fame. A simple left-right blaster starring a frog. It's not entirely sure what you're doing or why, except for clearing some manner of unwelcome badness under indecipherable orders from your boss - an increasingly irate and unhinged cat. You've got a few weapons that you can level-up, an excellent variety of enemies and behaviours and environments, and that's about it. Got about halfway through - I think - in an hour and a half of play, so it's likely a very short game but a refreshing palate-cleanser in the current climate of epic timesinks which frankly I haven't got enough time/energy for at the moment. There are many more fully featured 2D combat indie games out there, such as Shovel Knight, Axiom Verge and indeed the mighty Cave Story, but this is a pretty sweet diversion. Pixel's chiptunes are always brilliant, by the way, and so they are here. In terms of looks, I've read some reviews saying the game has an Atari 2600 aesthetic but I can only imagine the reviewers are too young to know what they're talking about. Kero Blaster is much more advanced-looking than that, pumping out visuals to a ColecoVision standard at least. I admire it so much I splurged 39 pence on a Kero avatar.
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    Yay, finished after a few short but joyous evening sessions. 4 hours 15 to complete. Game gets even weirder in second half when it pretends to try to explain what's actually going on. Some cute nods to Gunstar Heroes and Metal Slug 3 bosses thrown in for good measure. Decent challenge, plus a 'zangyou' (overtime) mode on completion - apparently with lots of new content/bosses - which I haven't tried yet. Highly recommended for anyone wishing to take a break from the usual industry-standard blockbusters and/or 80's playground-type bickering over console superiority.

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    Zangyou mode is very hard; beaten by lvl 1 boss.
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