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    LoZ Minish Cap Adventure Set (limited 300 worldwide)


    Related: does anyone know if the super-old NTSC-UK forum stuff is archived anywhere or is it truly gone forever?

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    Bloody hell a grand?! It's still got five days left to go.

    I love the 'There's a hat (not a Minish one)'

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    The last one I saw sell (non eBay) went for about 1,200 Euros. So yeah, it's limited and very desirable heh.

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    Well done Toys, just seen this go for a nice 1800, you going on holiday now

    Lovely item, if only I could afford such a luxury.


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    Ha, yeah, I won't be spending that money until I'm damn sure the buyer's not trying to screw me

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    Final value wasn't far off your daily challenge score today!


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    I didn't want to collect too much today so there was still enough left tomorrow for a $1m run

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    Just out of interest, will you be taking extra precautions such as filming the postage and packaging?

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    Don't see what difference that'll make, really, so I doubt it!

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    Livestream you waiting for payment plz.


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