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    Puyo Puyo Tetris - Most Formats

    Not put much into this, but I thought it deserved a thread for discussion. I'm playing Switch version.

    Firstly, it's really nice to have these two puzzle giants together in a game. I've always liked Puyo Puyo, but I am no wiz at it. This game has a nice tutorial about how to create deadly chains. They seem simple, but in practice... well, I'm going to have to practice more

    I had online battles against 6 different people. All Tetris players. Makes sense I suppose. I'm going to challenge myself and try to become a Tetris player upsetter with my little beady blobs of jelly (Puyos).

    Anyone else pick this up?

    BTW: I got this for 26 quid from US eShop. Easy to achieve if you look around the web. Involves buying Prepaid card from Play-Asia, who email codes instantly!
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    I'm trying to convince my wife to let me buy it but she's more than happy with the demo. She's played it almost daily since the launch of the Switch.

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    Is this not coming to the EU store? Can't find any mention of it anywhere

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    On PS4, it's only available on Blu-Ray - no digital release (in EU/US/CAN at least) due to licensing issues.

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    Ah, sorry. I was talking about Switch.

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    Sorry, yeah I meant PS4. That's a bit annoying as it's the kind of game I'd usually like to just have on the system and not have to bother sticking a disc in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    Epic battle
    That was more intense than most fighting games.

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    Unbelievable skills. Really good looking game mode idea too. I've only tried Puyo solo endurance and some online battles. There seems to be tons of modes.


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