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    The Sexy Brutale

    This game came from nowhere and is a surprise contender for my game of the year. Or at least, it would be if it released in any year that Breath of the Wild didn't.

    Basically it's your standard spy-on-people-then-go-back-in-time-repeatedly-to-gain-more-knowledge-to-stop-their-inevitable-death-em-up. You know the drill by now.

    Way it works is like this: you know someone's gonna die, and you know roughly when, but you don't know how or why. You've got about ten minutes (12 in-game hours) to run around peeping through keyholes and hiding in wardrobes, spying on people, following them around in order to piece together why someone died and what you can do to stop it, before the 12-hour cycle begins again and you can use the knowledge you've gained to save someone. Or, if you need to, just spend more time wandering the halls and going deeper into the events that are occurring.

    You yourself can't die, but at the same time you can't be seen either. If you're in the same room as anyone else, victim or aggressor, the screen glows red and time stops until you leave the room, which prevents you directly influencing events. You have to work in the background, unseen.

    None of the solutions are very very complex, but at the same time that doesn't mean they're easy to figure out either. Even if you have to perform one simple action to save a life you still have to spend time researching and figuring out exactly what that action is and that's where the gameplay lies, rather than the actual execution of the plan, for want of a better term.

    One a life is saved, you get a new power allowing you access to more of the mansion and more of its secrets, and more of its victims. It's almost a metroidvania in a way. One skill for example improves your hearing, so you can hear whispered conversations from the other sides of doors and gather more clues, and the odd password you might need.

    Saying too much is to spoil the story beats, but it's a great 8-hour or so journey from beginning to end with a pretty satisfying final third. It's gruesome, macabre, bloody, gothic.

    Special mention goes to the sound and music, which are fabulous. There are constant sound effects through the day which both have an impact on the events as they play out (everyone stops when they hear a distant gunshot) but at the same time foreshadow something that you don't know yet but will find out later. You're playing the same 12 hours over and over again, so that crashing glass at around 4pm is audible every time, but where is it coming from?

    Pretty great stuff. Do play.

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    Oh man, this sounds great. Have you played Ghost Trick on the DS?

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    I have not, unfortunately, so can't offer any comparison!

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    PS4, PC, Xbox One.

    Sorry, didn't bother mentioning it because I figured everyone would be covered regardless of their platform of choice.

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    Ta for the write-up. Love the look of this. Looks the new Gregory Horror Show I've been hankering after for...well, forever. Think I'll be a bit of a saddo and put this on the list until Halloween time, though

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlesr View Post
    Oh man, this sounds great. Have you played Ghost Trick on the DS?
    Sounds similar - you see a crime and then go back in time 5 minutes and try to work out how to move a few things around to prevent it. Very clever and quite "tricky". Highly recommended. The animation is world class too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toythatkills View Post
    PS4, PC, Xbox One.

    Sorry, didn't bother mentioning it because I figured everyone would be covered regardless of their platform of choice.
    No probs.
    I didn't know if it was a mobile game or not. If you'd asked me a week ago I couldn't have played it!

    What's the score with the name? Is it either sexy or brutal?! Seems like a daft name that might put some players off.
    "Sexy Brutale, where you have to peep through keyholes to save the day!"
    Say What?!

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    It is brutal, but I think if anything the name's just supposed to conjure up an image in your mind, or a feeling, an atmosphere, and it's difficult to explain why but it does describe the game very well.

    @Charles I might check that out, it does sound similar!

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    This is absolutely on 'the list', but Charles' shout for Ghost Trick is one I'll gladly second. It's by the Shu Takumi of Phoenix Wright fame, and it's brilliant. Back on topic, I like the description given in the first post here a lot more than I did the launch trailer I just watched. I hope it's just me feeling that way.


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