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    I am a bit tempted to get this game my only concern though is if there is any replay (ironically) value or can you only solve the puzzles the same way

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    I don't think there'd be much replay value, tbh, but there's a decent amount of value there to begin with. There's a load of collectibles to find that reveal a bunch of background information and the odd secret (including a secret ending). I don't think there are alternative solutions but I wouldn't hold me to that, there could be in the odd case.

    You can get the boxed version on PS4 for 14 on Gameseek and shift it to CeX for 12 (trade) or 8 (cash) so at worst it'd set you back six quid!

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    I ordered Sexy Brutal , but I got sent an aftershave.

    60% of the time, it works every time.

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    Just noticed there's a physical version of it on Amazon. Bollocks.


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