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Thread: Polybius (PS4)

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    Polybius (PS4)

    So, it's finally here, the highly anticipated game from Jeff Minter that supposedly draws inspiration from the mythical arcade game that (probably) never existed. But nevermind all that cos, boy oh boy, is it good.

    Only spent 45 minutes with it but I'm already in love. Has a proper 80s arcade game look and vibe to it, real clean looking with simple designs and colours, yet despite this is extremely trippy. And I mean seriously trippy. Trippy as f*ck. Space Giraffe seems tame by comparison. Possibly the trippiest game ever. Yeah, you get the picture. There are times when it gets so fast and strobing that I genuinely start to feel hypnotised by it. Brilliant!

    It has 3 play modes: Classic which lets you restart with your high score at any stage you reached, Pure which you always have to start from level 1, and Yolo! which gives you 10 shields (lives) from the off and no possibility of earning more.

    The gameplay, from what I can tell, is pretty straightforward. You shoot and move. No space jumps, no smart bombs. Just move and shoot and try and string chains together. There's also a ton of yak horns to fly through but it's so fast and obstacle-laden that they're tricky to string together so I'm not sure what they do. Like Space Giraffe, sound cues play a huge role and help you to determine what your eyes cannot.

    The music is superb and suits the game wonderfully - a real trancey soundtrack with a wonderful flow. No surround sound though which is annoying but hopefully they'll patch that. In the meantime I recommend forcing surround using your receiver. Messages pop up on screen at the beginning of each level but the text is so small that I can never read it in time before it vanishes. So that's ****ty. It also has a load of Space Giraffe-style messages that come up mid game saying stuff like 'Enlightenment is Good' and the like, you know, typical Minter game messages.

    So, yeah, I'm loving it. Looking forward to hearing from those playing it on PSVR. That's if they live to tell the tale.

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    Out of interest, how did you find TxK? I'm entertaining the idea of getting this but sincerely regret spending money of TxK.

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    Not played TxK, sorry, so can't compare.

    Was up 'til 3am playing this. Knackered now. But what a fabulous game. It gets proper batsh*t mental in parts. A real test of skill, focus and not getting hypnotised! Top stuff.

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    In VR or not, I cant wait to try this in VR tonight, and from what I have read it does not cause sickness for a trippy game which is great news. Time to dust the old headset off.

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    Still no impressions from VR owners? I bet this game's driven 'em round the bend and then on and deep into unkown mental territories. I bet they're sat there now, headsets still on, frothing slightly from the mouth, their hidden pupils the size of pennies, spitting out profound and prophetic utterings that just sounds like nonsense to the rest of us! I should get a VR.

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    I will try it in VR tonight when I get the chance, from what I read is a experience not to miss if you have VR.

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    Just got home from work and had a 'quick' blast before I head out again.

    As JM alludes to in that vid, momentum is where the joy is at. It's mega quick and mega smooth ... yet you never feel out of control. You do feel the intensity though. I feel like I've just been inside an 80s arcade game. I thought visually it looked a little unrefined in Jeff's recent vid, but in the flesh it looks lovely.

    First impressions are very good ... my brain just needs to get used to the intensity of the visuals ... it's pretty full on in VR.

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    Made it to level 14 and, boy, the going gets tough past level 10 with plenty of difficulty spikes. But it gets better and better too. Some of the later environments are stunning, and the later musical pieces equally so.

    Love the messages that pop up. They're so very English: Feeling peckish? Why not visit your local curry house. Don't eat green cheese. Yuck, lukewarm tea. Shoot all the fried eggs. When visiting Europe, why not visit Basingstoke. Jolly good. And loads more. Pretty sure I've seen the word 'Brexit' pop up too though am unsure what context it was used (whether it was for doing something well or for doing something poorly). Whenever I play a Minter game I'm always reminded that what's missing from most modern games is personality. His games are always saturated in personality. It goes a long way.
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    Heh, I clocked the 'brexit' ref too Yeah, I love that about his games. There's a level in T3K called Albert Square

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    Got up to level 8 with the flags, most i can pick up is you go through the horns to get a speed up, multiplier up and temporary shield, along with shockwave with removes undestroyables when get even horns

    Love the sound effects.


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