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Thread: Polybius (PS4)

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    Been spending a bit of time with this, damn it's good! Enjoying how certain levels have an almost puzzle element dropped in. Embarrassed to say it took me ages to 'figure' the
    level! The game is just classic Minter, complete with Sir Clive tributes and Spec48 sprite-love.

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    It is excellent. Bloody hard though. I'm up to level 24 and getting there has been a struggle, an immensely enjoyable struggle, but a struggle nonetheless. Several levels throw up scenarios where missing one bull horn or updraft results in losing three, four or five shields in quick succession. My approach is to replay a level over and over until I lose few enough shields to begin the next level with a full compliment of nine shields.

    For fun I've also taken to sometimes playing it with inverted colours (on ya PS4, go to Settings, Accessibility, and tick Inverted Colours) wich can help and hinder in equal measure. Some stuff is easier to see, some stuff is harder to see. Looks wicked too. Here's a vid I recorded of just this:

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    ^ Cool, gonna try that. I'm only up to about level 14 - I think - on classic, but also been dabbling in pure and yolo modes. I'm pretty crap, so if anyone wants to look good on the 'friendlies' scoreboard send me a request (Abused_Dog)
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    It does get hard, I have to agree. Stuck on a level now where you've got to locate the updrafts - which may be out of sight on completely the other side of the tube you're zooming down - to lift you over unbreakable barriers. Miss one and you get slammed through 2 or 3 in succession and your defenses are wrecked. I think this is Minter's most 'hardcore' game so far. He used to add easy 'chill-zone' levels after cranking up the intensity to let players relax a bit so you had a kind of ebb-and-flow, but I haven't encountered any in this game yet. It's completely full-on.

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    Yeah, it's definitely hardcore. It makes Space Giraffe and Tempest 2000 seem like a walk in the park and they're not exactly easy games. Saying that, I have completed the game and am currently ranked 15th on the Classic mode global leaderboard, but I think that's largely because not many folk have beaten the game rather than any real skill on my part.

    I thought naming the game after the mythical arcade game that supposedly did bad things to your brain was just a clever way of creating interest and attracting attention, but parts of the game are so fast, trippy and hypnotic that I did start to feel weird a few times and my brain frequency shifting - much like it does in meditation or on psychedelic drugs. Hats off to Minter, to have a videogame do this is quite a feat.

    @ Golgo, are you stuck on level 13? If so, a little trick I found is to begin the level with 5 or 6 shields (somehow it doesn't work if you have 9 shields), purposely miss the first set of bull horns, then immediately position yourself back in in the middle for the first updraft and stay there. Do this and all updrafts will appear smack bang in the middle and you don't even need to move. Also, take heart in the knowledge that the levels don't all get progressively harder, I actually found the level twenty somethings harder than the level thirty somethings, although the forty somethings is where it gets really hard. But, yeah, some of the later levels are easier, some are harder. There're some really gorgeous ones late on so it's well worth persevering. The last level is mental. Really, really looooong and mentally fast.

    Fab game. Probably my favourite Minter game yet and, when the price drops sufficiently, reason enough to buy a Playstation VR I reckon. In the meantime there's Pure and Iolo! modes to get to grips with. Gonna play it tripping tonight.
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    ^ Cheers Zen Monkey, that sounds like the level that's giving me trouble so I'll give your tactics a try. I'm not too worried about progressing, mind, it's too much of a fun experience. The music is superb, will have to get it bought via bandcamp. Congrats with your top 20 score position - I'm in the low 300s
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    I recorded a couple of videos of how to tackle level 13 as it's probably the first bottleneck in the game.

    This is how to complete it regularly without resorting to tricks:

    Or you can take the easy route and glide through pretty much 80% of the level, bagging a couple of trophies along the way, by doing this:

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    I wish there were separate leaderboards for each level. It would create some addictive competition.

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    I cracked lvl 13 without taking the sneaky route \o/
    ...will be heading back for the airtime trophy tho, ta!

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    Good on ya.

    I'm utterly in love with this game and helplessly addicted. Its kept me from Mario Kart, Zelda and Dark Souls for days and even Nier Automata remains unplayed. It's just too good. Too enjoyable. And it gets inside your head like no other. Played it for three hours straight on Friday night with utter focus - then later, when I went to bed that night, I could still hear the sound effects echoing in my ears and see bull horn gates rushing towards me at light speed every time I closed my eyes. Brilliant.

    I made it into the top 10 Yolo global leaderboard a few days ago but slipped down to 17th on the Classic global leaderboards. Hoping to better Classic and crack the top 10 but, really... 10th position or 1000th position, this game gets you grinning just the same.


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