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    Phantom Dust (PC / Xbox One)

    Absolutely no hype or any mention at all on the Phantom Dust remaster? For shame lads! Expected this place to be buzzing but it's been a long time.

    Yes, it's the 2004 Xbox Phantom Dust that we never saw in Europe. It's been reverse engineered to support widescreen, higher resolution, Keyboard/Mouse controls, Cross-Platform Play, basically everything you'd expect really.

    It's free. It released yesterday. Lots of new blood playing it including myself, who never had the chance to get stuck into it the first time around.

    Everything's completely intact, it's a complete direct port done by Code Mystics. Unfortunately they had absolutely no access whatsoever to the source code, so from what I understand everything's been reverse engineered as opposed to ported through source, which means the term 'Remaster' is very loosely used, as all the assets are still the original ones, and the online play even still uses old Xbox Live terminology (Anyone remember OptiMatch?).

    Microtransactions have been added, but the game itself has not been rebalanced around them, so the entire game is designed with everything being buyable/unlockable through the in-game currency, with microtransactions effectively being a short-cut to getting a multiplayer deck/arsenal ready. You also get a completely free multiplayer pack, giving you a starting arsenal and Psycho based deck so you can jump straight in and play.

    It's basically what you'd get if you crossed an arena brawler with a trading card game and it's great fun. You configure a deck of 30 cards, split across different schools and types (attack, defense, environmental, etc), and run around an arena picking up your cards and using them to attack your opponent. Down your opponent's health to win.

    MASSIVELY strategic - There are around 300 cards in total at the moment, though there will be 375 once 'advanced' cards come into play which can only be earned through playing instead of bought with in-game currency. Previously you used to have to win 30 matches online to get 1 card, but they've mentioned alternate methods of earning these that they're looking to implement.

    Balance is in a really, really nice place. It's been 13 years since the game was originally released and there doesn't seem to be any kind of 'optimal meta' deck that exists, just loads of possible alternatives good in different maps and situations which is ace. Despite this, they've managed to get the game in a state where they can do skill rebalancing, so if things do get OP with the vastly bigger player base finding things previously undiscovered, they can change things up in future.

    Have spent about 7 hours playing this last night, finally getting to grips with things and spending the night playing 2 vs 2 tag team with a buffer / attack combo is incredible, and there quite frankly hasn't been a multiplayer game like this since. Spent the first 3 or 4 so hours getting absolutely bodied and constantly tweaking my arsenal before finding something that clicked and started consistently winning, so learning curve is pretty strong.
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    Downloaded this yesterday but haven't had a chance to play it yet. Will be giving it a whirl later.

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    I have the original on Xbox. It will be interesting how this compares.

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    Exactly the same, but with enhanced resolution and proper widescreen support, I'd imagine.

    The 75 odd Xbox Live cards haven't been implemented yet, and the microtransactions for unlocking arsenals and all cards in multiplayer are new, but everything else will be identical.

    I've been fooling around with a couple of 2-school arsenals recently and I've completely fallen in love with a Ki based close combat deck, mainly revolving around Lightning Speed + Dance of Death. Managed a one-hit win last night with a superb deck that's gotten me an amazing win rate so far.


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