Jason has returned finally in some form with this kickstarted effort which has players trying to flee and survive one single user who takes on the mantle of the hockey masked killer himself.

There's been plenty reviews and impressions online this last week which are admittedly better placed than I am to cover what the game does well and not. From my own experience it's been a limited effort mostly thanks to the Quick Play search function not being very good at finding a game. It's led to me spending more time waiting for it to find one than I have in the gameplay itself. Once you're in though it opens with a short cinematic where Jason's appearance causes the councillors to split up and then players take over with one of them being Jason.

Jason is pitched as he is in the films, he's over powered and the game doesn't intend for other players to be able to beat him. Instead it's about being faster than him, working together or more commonly getting the items you need to escape then ditching everyone to their doom. The game is massively leant towards using mics to communicate but random servers rarely have these players and as one such player myself you despises in game comms with other players it makes the multiplayer here more about how long you'll survive rather than if but it doesn't stop XP progression etc so it's not too bad.

The game isn't a looker but it captures the early F13 era tone and style well including 80's style VHS logos on start up, the gameplay on the other hand is patchy and clunky in a way that the devs will never manage to iron out. It'll be more about content and balancing for the game as even the planned single player mode sounds more like bots than anything meaningful.

Jason needs his teleport grab nerfing a lot and icon detection needs improving. Much more so, it needs new maps fast as the mere three included are fine and fun to replay but even at it's pitched 31 rrp it's a hard sell for what is blatantly an Early Access title in all but name. It's got genuine promise but will need good will building fast to not lose its players in the coming months which would be a shame as it could be a cracker in time.