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    Quote Originally Posted by Zen Monkey View Post

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    I found Zen Monkey's website

    Edit: unfortunately the swear filter has starred the last 4 letters of the URL (hint: it's sh*t).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zen Monkey View Post
    Just 'avin a larf!

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    Mental mate at work, lives alone with a cat, has 'issues', kicks off his Saturday morning with bottles of cider like clockwork and goes all mad as a lorry on Facebook. He'll write self-pitying drivel about how lonely and under-appreciated he is, post infinite pics of his cat, pick fights and arguments and send VERY direct messages of love to female colleagues at work...but publicly for all to see. And then he comes into work the Monday, never says owt and acts like nothing has happened. Like clockwork!

    Always love it when he goes the proper full nut, might be a classic day today.

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    I used to love those nights after work when I'd do stupid stuff then spend the next day at work with everyone and not remember jack about it. Ah to be young.

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