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    Rime PS4, Xbox one, PC, Switch

    First and foremost it looks lovely and i was hooked from the very first area, it owes a lot to the likes of ICO, and journey but feels a lot more fleshed out and with more mechanics than the previous too. The puzzles while not super difficult keep you ticking on and moving through the world, and are all so far pretty inventive and really nicely put together. It rewards you for not just sticking to the main path with all sorts of secrets and collectables, it and i'm loving it so far.

    If you fancy an old school adventure game with some fantastic looking scenery and a compelling story and world then you owe yourself to get this. I'm surprised this was released at a budget price with little to no fan fair as its reviewed brilliantly and Sony really did drop the ball letting this go as an exclusive.

    As for me so far I'm about 4 hours in and its captured my imagination a lot more than the Last guardian did, it has none of the control issues of that game and its world if far more vibrant and engaging, lizards climbing the walls seagulls perching on the cliffs and rocks, swishy grass and lovely sun bleached ruins make way to all sorts of other wonderfull locals. Wild pigs and other animals can be seen running around the islands, and even feature in some of the puzzles too, it gives it a real organic feel to the world. the style and love spent on this world really shows and your fox companion is great too though a little hand holdy at times.

    I really do recommend it as it already feels like its been overlooked at retail, when i went into Game to pick it up it was hidden on the bottom shelf among there PS4 A-Z and not even put out as a new release, it feels like a real shame considering it was one of the main games shown off when the ps4 launched.

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    It's a nice price on Switch despite the terrible release gap. I'm hoping August is a placeholder still but I imagine I'll be proven wrong.

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    It's a lovely game. Like a more gamey version of Journey

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    And it wacks you right in the feels at the end like all great games should.

    finished this eve, playtime is over the course of a few evenings, not a long game but one with beautiful art direction and music. a world I want to revisit to collect all the secrets and hidden items. What a lovely journey this game was

    Second play through incoming


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