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    WipEout Omega Collection

    It was going to take something special for me to purchase my first ever game in 2017 and a new WipEout fulfils that requirement!

    First thing's first: Omega Collection is Sony re-packaging the PS3 titles WipEout HD and WipEout Fury and throwing in the PS Vita's exclusive WipEout 2048 for good measure. All 3 games were great with HD & Fury least deserving of a port as they were already technically excellent but it's 2048 that feels the most deserving as the original game was locked into the tiny screen of the Vita, was a sketchy 30FPS and had very long load times. However in the Omega Collection, it really shines and in looks the most stunning of the 3 games.

    I've always loved the design setting of 2048. Here's it's not a dystopia like 2097, not an abstract future like 3, it's the near future combined with present. Brick buildings of Manhattan have a magnetic ribbon cascading through the mason buildings and steel bridges. It's a beautiful mix that really appeals to me and makes the game and tracks feel fresh. A little reminder that no one done future design like Studio Liverpool.

    As a huge fan of WipEout and having previously owned all 3 games before, the package feels great. All running at 1080p / 60 FPS and they've integrated all 3 well in one menu. They've not really done anything new but they've done the series proud and I've not come across any odd bugs or flaws with the port. Also a little note for anyone who loves taking screenshots as much as me, to remove the entire UI on the photo mode, tap and hold the Share button and then save the screen through there. Voila.

    Any complaints? None really, it's a solid package, looks and sounds the business with some of the best racing games ever made all for about 25. If I was heading up the project, I would have considered bringing across the PSP games and the entire back catalogue as you do wonder whether this will be the last ever release of WipEout. However, that would introduce a huge discrepancy between the PSone / PSP / PS2 games and the beautiful looking Vita and PS3 games so can understand why they didn't chuck them in.

    Eitherway, there's no denying when the music is pumping and you're negotiating some of the best tracks ever committed to bytes this starts to feel like one of the greatest racing games ever made. Even though some of the content is around a decade old, nothing looks as good as WipEout Omega Collection.

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    Love me some WipEout!
    Even though I have these games on PSP/PS3 and Vita the remastering is top notch.
    Charted in 1st place this week also so good news and perhaps hope for more DLC/Remasters/New game in future

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    Quote Originally Posted by doodledude View Post
    Charted in 1st place this week also so good news and perhaps hope for more DLC/Remasters/New game in future
    Had no idea it was that successful! Was chatting to a mate over the weekend and Omega has convinced him to make the jump up from PS3 and 360 to a PS4. After he talked about it enthusiastically, a PC only mate has got hyped (He only gives a **** about tech) after the DF article and is now considering picking one up as he adored WipEout and the PSone era of gaming.

    Hope this at least convinces Sony that another collection is due or to license out the IP to a suitable developer.

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    Hey, you know who a suitable developer was?... Grrr Where are those guys now? Anyone know?

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    I know! Loved Studio Liverpool, gutted when they were closed down.

    Most of the WipEout team left years ago but I know some of the developers from the WipEout series formed Clever Beans and they were one of 3 separate studios who worked on WipEout Omega Collection so that DNA strand continues.

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    I fell in love with the Wipeout series twenty years ago when coming home buzzing after a night out clubbing and playing the original became something of a ritual. I've had a soft spot for the series ever since but Wipeout Omega Collection is something else and feels like the ultimate realisation of what the series was always meant to be. It's so good it made me upgrade to a PS4 Pro. Seriously, this game in 4k @ 60ps on a full HDR display and played through a high end THX receiver is something to behold. Up there with MK8 Deluxe as one of the best racers of all time.

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    Another thing I love about this game: it's difficulty. Even on Novice, gold medalling every event is a real test of skill. And Phantom class is so fast that my eyes bled real blood! Okay, not really, but it is jolly fast.

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    Anyone have this and Fast RMX? How do they compare?

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    Reliving the past in 4k is a thing of beauty. A must buy for all Wipeout players. I booted it up and was amazed how good it looks. First race reminded me I need to rewire my brain to 1995 and 1996 when I played Wipeouts until my eyes bled! The smoothness and handling are superb. My only gripe, I am 22 years older now and reflexes are not quite what they were! :-)

    Many hours will now be lost mastering this great package.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaz View Post
    Anyone have this and Fast RMX? How do they compare?
    I have Fast RMX on the Wii U only (not Switch) and Wipeout is superior in every regard. The handling is quintessential Wipeout - sublime and with a perfect sense of weight and momentum, the track design is brilliant, and the weapons are ace. Throw in some wicked techno and you have a veritable smile generator. Then again, I can't get on with Fast RMX - it's a game which, whenever I see a screenshot or video of or see it being discussed, I always wanna play it, but whenever I do actually load it up and play it, within a few minutes I always feel disappointed. The handling's not quite right, the track design's a little bland, and the colour switching gimmick detracts rather than adds. It's just not in the same league as Wipeout and F-Zero.

    And I can't stress how much 4K and HDR have improved this. Skyrim Remastered in 1080p didn't really elevate it over the 720p original, Zelda Twilight Princess HD wasn't any better for having improved visuals, The Last Guardian in 4k is much the same game as it was in 1080p, but the visual enhancements in Wipeout produce a much more satisfying experience.


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