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Thread: Arms (NSW)

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    you can add curve punches with the pad, you just flick the stick in the direction you want it to curve.

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    Finally got a new switch and picked this game up while I wait for Splatoon 2 from amazon. When this was first announced I wasnt really too excited, wasnt too keen on the character designs and the stretchy arms seemed gimmicky, why make this instead of a new punch-out? Now Ive played the game Im glad we got this, its a huge amount of fun and I love the stages and characters, the same as i did for splatoon. I was worried about using motion controls but it works almost perfectly and once you get the hang of it it becomes natural. This is probably the most accessible fighter since smash bros. Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter etc are good fun, but to win online and to master the game you need to have super quick reflexes, be good with an arcade stick and memorise various combos and moves. With this its pretty much just punch, block and throw and you just need to work on timing.

    Looking forward to seeing what characters get added in future updates, would really love to see little mac or ROB make an appearance or another old nintendo character. If anyone wants to add me for some multiplayer my friend code is; SW-6803-3841-1123

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    I want to get this at the end of the month; only reason I haven't yet is that we only have one set of JoyCons.

    It's weird because they're not cheap, and we haven't worked out if we're getting a 2nd Switch yet - we always had 2 3DS's in the house for multiplayer stuff - but obviously you can't buy a Switch without the accessories so we're a bit stumped.

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    Depends on how long it will take to get a second one, shortages in japan are insane. The one i got today I reserved 2 months ago. And the other day there was a line of 3,000 people waiting at one store for a lottery ticket to buy a system. If it will take a while to get a system just buy a set of joy cons and then sell/trade them when you get your second switch

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    I've managed to get through roughly my first hour of the game and so far it's been fun enough but it's left me a little cold. It's more like an expanded concept Punch Out than a fighting game and the motion controls work fine enough for the level of control your given of your characters. I need to try a few more characters and some different difficulty settings to properly gauge this one I feel as first impressions make me feel like it's not going to have enough meat to the experience to keep me playing for very long. Certainly straight off the bat I don't feel using the drip feed Splatoon model was a good decision from Nintendo, games like this need to be feature complete straight off the bat. I'll give it some more time as it's still early but I'm already suspecting Splatoon's arrival will supercede this too much.

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    Made sure to focus on it again tonight and quickly had a sense of 'is this this it?' to it.
    Had a check online and turns out... yes, yes it is. Don't really feel much of a sense to carry on already with it, it's literally nearly everything seen in 30mins job. The mini-games and... maybe online if your bothered about that will extend it but quickly full price seems steep. Should have been a budget release as this doesn't warrant full fledged pricing.
    Fun to be had but this is a Nintendo filler title rather than a Nintendo killer one.


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