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    240v in car power socket

    Has anyone got one of these? Which one have you got and is it ok?

    I keep almost buying a Switch mainly for our up coming trip this year to the Isle Of Wight, then figured one of these and a Wi U is just as good (telling myself this saves over 300!).

    Just didn't want to get some cheap thing that gets hot and sets the car on fire

    Seen this one which does look more professional than some on eBay, does the 150w mention make a difference?
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    Honestly I'd just buy the Switch.

    When you take all the aspects into consideration like bumpy roads and reading game discs, the short battery life of the controller and the sneaking suspicion that I have of you definitely needing a TV at some point (although that might just be setup as I've never took mine on a road trip) it makes little sense to spend around 150 to get started with a defunct platform when you could just double up and get the Switch, which you invariably will at some point anyway.

    And this coming from a dude that owns a Wii U and got rid of his Switch.

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    I have the Wii U's already though, with the extended pad batteries so it will definitely last for the car journey, then just charge from the mains when we get there.

    The only real expense is the power inverter.

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    Just remember these can munch through your car battery.

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    You shouldn't really be running these inverters when the car isn't running.
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