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    I know turtle wax took out a load of scratches from a plastic tv bezel I had maybe give the toothpaste a try

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    Don't ever use one of those cheap hand cleaning thing they will break GD-ROMs. Pending on what machines your local branch has CEX is the best bet. Had them clean a Saturn game awhile back and the clean got rid of most of the scratches and it didn't leave any stains on the disc. However that was from the Norwich branch so I can't say what machine your local CEX will use.

    GD-ROM you have to be really careful cleaning as from past experience they don't like being cleaned that much, so they can only really be given a light clean. Otherwise the clean will damage the disc, had to clean my Unreal Tournament disc many year ago, but it still works.

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    Got sick of my Megadeth Greatest Hits CD skipping at the solo to Hanger 18, so I tried the toothpaste trick this morning and although it didn't fix all the skips, it was definitely better and got through the whole of the solo section!

    I used Oral B Pro Expert because it's a bit gritty and abrasive.

    As S3M says, it might not be worth risking it on a GD-ROM though!

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    Yeah GDROMs are a modified CD format just really tightly packed with a lot of the redundancy removed. Hence, they are more delicate than on ordinary CD.


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