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    Initial D Street Stage is probably my most played PSP game.

    There are plenty of great Japanese arcade game compilations, and a mighty nice Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus port too. Well worth a look.

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    I seems to recall a similar topic a few months back and sure enough:

    Games wise there is a huge selection of Capcom, Sony, Konami and Square Enix classic on the machine. Power Stone, Tekken DR, Soul Calibur, MegaMan etc.. Great machine and one that most games can be picked up very cheaply.

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    Just make sure you get the fastest memory stick pro duo there are and rip ISOs from those UMD if you must insist on buying games.

    UMD is the worst video game format ever. Atrocious loading times and noisy.

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    Parodius Portable, a collection of all the games in the series is great. It's easily my favourite PSP game.

    The Ridge Racer and Burnout games are also very good. Every Extend Extra is a fun abstract experience.


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