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    The Conjuring Cinematic Universe

    The Announced Movies:

    (Bolded = Released)

    001 - The Conjuring
    002 - Annabelle
    003 - The Conjuring 2
    004 - Annabelle: Creation

    005 - The Nun (13 July 2018)
    006 - The Conjuring 3 (TBA)
    007 - The Crooked Man (TBA)

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    The Conjuring CU Timeline:
    (As Best Interpreted)

    -Annabelle: Creation
    -The Conjuring
    -The Conjuring 2

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    Warners has recently been taking the step to push Conjuring as a big screen universe mixed of main entries and spin-offs for which James Wan currently involved to some extent in all entries. Interestingly, the box office profits from the three closed films that have already passed have already been enough to make this the most successful universe outside of Marvels films and on a per film basis they far out strip the takings of Marvels CU arguably making it the most successful big screen universe in pure film earnings terms.

    That's thanks to the immense success each film has had in comparison to their low budgets. Not bad for a horror series which in its opening three films has only featured a single protagonist death. That's not even a Friday the 13th pre-opening credits worth.

    James Wan has repeated that the work commitments for Aquaman will likely restrict him from helming the third Conjuring film though it sounds like the studio is still giving the project a lot of flexibility so it could yet move slowly enough for him to eventually end up doing it. In the meantime, development is moving forward on The Crooked Man which aims to be a more dark fairytale style of film than the existing entries.

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    Watched Creation today and it's definitely a much stronger film than its predecessor. There's one or two light nods to the Conjuring and the Nun but broadly it's a very Conjuring 1 style tale that covers the events leading up the first Annabelle film with only one wonky plot hole remaining.

    It's by the guy who made Lights Out and if they can avoid showing too much of the demon next time I can easily imagine he'll be given the directing gig for Conjuring 3 based on this film. Once again the franchise turns out to be surprisingly good.

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    The director of The Nun says the film takes the old Hammer Horrors as its inspiration in tone to deliver a film that isn't as close to The Conjuring style seen so far


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