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    Annual Summer Gaming Drought

    How do people feel about the annual summer drought?

    I hated it when I was younger but really appreciate it these days. I feel it provides an opportunity to do other things without missing out on new releases I want to play. I find I need breaks from games to keep my love of them alive. For instance, after playing Zelda Breath of The Wild for so long and then playing through the consequent backlog it created, I was all gamed out, needed a break. So yeah, I really like the summer lull, it wets my appetite for autumn and its flood of games.

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    Unless you buy every single game released, is there not something that you could play at this time? I know there is a drought as far as releases go, but there has got to be something else to play.

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    Oh I still game even if I have nothing new to play - been on Dark Souls every night this week, but I definitely play less in summer.

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    You do right breaking away from gaming during the summer months. Enjoy those outdoor pursuits or going to events whilst they're on. The games aren't going to go anywhere and its often more gratifying to come home and play something on an evening once you've had a great day out anyway.

    That said, the Uncharted spin-off is out in under a fortnight ; )

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    It was definitely an irritant in my younger years, these days I'd need a 100 month Summer to dent the backlogue so it sails by without issue. This summer is heading to its end and I'm nowhere near catching up on the games from the last 6 months let alone the hundreds from before.

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    No drought for me. I'm swimming in unplayed, probably great, games Scrooge McDuck style. What I find hinders my ability to clear the backlog is sudden urges to play old classics, these urges sometimes cannot be stopped.

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    I've always found I do less gaming in the Summer. During the Winter, when it's freezing and pissing down outside, I've no problem playing an MMORPG to the wee hours, or something. In the Summer I feel I'm missing out if I do that.

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    It's not something I've worried about for a good 15 years now.

    Too much to play and too little time to play it in.

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    I don't see much of a drought, I bought hellblade and lawbreakers this week, a few VR bits and also Splatoon 2 so there's been loads of games out there. Then there is uncharted, everybody's golf and Mario rabbids switch thing all by the end of the month. Oh and Sonic Maina next week.
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