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    MacBook Pro Retina Rubber Feet Replacement


    I recently purchased a 2nd hand MacBook Pro Retina, it's cleaned up lovely and the only thing spoiling it is lack of any rubber feet on the bottom. I've managed to remove the superglue that was holding part of one on.

    Does anyone know a reliable source to get some good quality replacements? I spotted some on eBay, but when they arrived they were in fact plastic and instead of using 3M adhesive, they were stuck fast on some clear plastic sheet. Then reading the reviews on Amazon, it seems pretty much the same.

    I see that the non-Retina and the Retina model use different feet, which is a shame as Apple supply replacement feet for non-Retina models by the looks of it.

    Anyone able to help?


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    I always put a black one of these on my Mac laptops Pete, this would cover the feet:

    Failing that, try The Bookyard:

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    I cried because my PC wouldn't boot and then I met a Mac with no feet.


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