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    Life is Strange: Before The Storm

    The prequel to Life Is Strange has its first episode out and I have played and finished it and I'm already eagerly awaiting the next episode. It must be said that I was a little bit sceptical about this. I'm not big on prequels, I don't feel Life Is Strange needs a prequel (especially given the past already played a role in Life Is Strange) and as far as I know this comes from a different team. I have no idea to what extent the teams cross over - I haven't looked it up. I had heard a rumour on the streets that the sequel to Life Is Strange would likely be a whole new story and I was looking forward to that. So this came as a bit of a surprise.

    So how is it? Well, I love it. The first episode is absolutely superb. Losing the fantasy time element of the first game leaves it just being about the relationships and this is a game about a relationship. It will not be for everyone but it turns out it is exactly what I needed. We play Chloe Price some time before the events of the first game. Chloe was always a pain in the backside and yet I got to like her really slowly over the course of the original game. This game placed me right back to disliking Chloe Price - a pretty big problem for the main character... and yet it didn't take long to get me on her side. She is awkward, broken, tries too hard to be cool and yet the game knows that and shows you the human side of why she is like that. It makes her vulnerable. And that makes her relatable.

    As Chloe, you hang around home, school, go see a rock band and meet Rachel Amber (who disappeared before the events of the first game). That's basically what happens in this game. There is not an alien to frag anywhere. But you do get to play a D&D game with a couple of loveable geeks if that's your thing. It is just about the relationships.

    There is one new 'mechanic' (if it can even be called that) where you do what feel like the equivalent of rap battles (not really) - you basically insult people into getting what you want. Aside from it being completely against how it would actually work in real life, it comes across clumsy and silly. That aside, it all works. It is beautiful, calming, dramatic where it needs to be and it gave me feels even in the first episode. The game uses music brilliantly. I always remember one sequence in the first game where you enter the party and the beat is thumping and, no matter when you choose to enter the main party area, the music syncs perfectly - it is a thing of coding brilliance. This game does that too. It uses music masterfully and the effect is excellent.

    The only downside is having to wait for the next episode and it could take AGES. But actually, on its own the first episode was pretty satisfying. It feels like a complete episode rather than just pressing pause and having to wait for the next one to continue. And the ending is VERY interesting and very cool.

    So it's good. If you liked Life Is Strange, you're bound to like this. Go play it.

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    Great first impressions Dogg ... I'm sold

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    I must admit I did have some doubts, anything LiS related I would probably buy, in the end though it really did surprise me especially being a new developer.
    They have managed to retain the feel of the original developers game. As soon as the title music started I thought, yep I'm back in Arcadia Bay and I'm back in the life is strange universe.

    The story has done a good job of giving a little bit more background on why Chloe is Chloe, makes you understand her a bit more and realise she's a teenager who's having a bit of a ****ty time. Game has already had some good story moments and the plot has me looking forward to the next episode.

    I could have sworn the devs said all episode should be out before end of year, maybe October then December. It's only 3 parts, plus the Max episode if you bought the deluxe edition. Music is a really good mix for episode 1.
    The official soundtrack for the game is done by Daughter (album is out now "music from before the storm")

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    Episode 2 is out now if your on Xbox, was accidentally released early only on Xbox One.
    You can install it from the main menu, 5.6gb. It’s released generally on Thursday 19th.
    Just playing at the moment, it’s started off well again.

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    Mildly annoyed about that.

    Oh well, only a few days early.


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