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    LEGO Worlds [NS, PS4, XB1, PC]

    Naturally, Switch version being played here.

    So you have Adventure mode, where you travel to randomly generated worlds and scan new people, object, animals, etc. with your Discovery Tool and unlock new Builds by finding them in treasure chests or completing tasks for people. The aim is to collect Gold Bricks and use them to fix your spaceship and unlock new features. Then you have Sandbox mode, which I've not been on yet but seems fairly self-explanatory.

    You have several tools in the game with which to interact with your surroundings.
    The Discovery Tool scans and unlocks as described above, and can also be used to place objects in the world around you.
    The Paint Tool paints things different colours.
    The Copy Tool can be used to select a whole building/landscape feature and either simply copy and paste it, or save it to your build collection. Obviously the save option is a huge thing when you find a building you like that you don't have a build for or can't get a build for.
    The Landscape Tool is used to raise/lower, level, or add/remove chunks. Removing whole chunks from the landscape seems a little destructive, but is much more efficient than throwing a hundred sticks of dynamite to reach a chest.

    It has echoes of Minecraft/No Man's Sky but with LEGO, so if you like the random world-roaming, then you'll probably get on with this. I've not looked into how many biomes there are but they all seem to be quite different.

    the evil robot sinks in water, so use that to traverse water-based areas

    I'm enjoying wandering and unlocking stuff, but it does feel very samey. The plan I talked about in the LEGO thread to use proper instructions to build real LEGO is still something I'd like to do, even though I do expect it to take some serious time.

    Now, to the price confusion (in CA$ here on).

    PS4 physical version: $29.99
    PS4 digital version: $39.99
    Classic Space DLC: $5.49

    Switch physical version: $39.99 (includes Classic Space and Monsters DLC when released)
    Switch digital version: $29.99 (no DLC included)
    Classic Space DLC: $3.99

    ...So I went with the digital version.

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    Interested to read about this one. I've had it since it first appeared on PC due to liking the initial look of it but never actually started it and have no idea what the end product is actually like. The Minecraft comparisons remind me of why I bought it, a Lego version of that game sounds much more appealing than MC

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    I would say adventure mode is more like NMS though, finding gold bricks and builds. Sadly, not all of the pieces are in the game, so my plans to copy instructions are out the window

    Still, I'm sure I can come up with my own ideas!

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    Latest update stabilised the broken world nonsense mostly, although some larger worlds crash the game too easily.
    Monsters DLC is quite fun and does include most of the builds from the Monster Fighters range.
    PSN has this half price right now btw.


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