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    Metroid Samus Returns 3DS

    Finally after years of waiting for a 2D Metroid,MercurySteam lands a superb version for the 3ds.Graphics are really well presented and the 3D gives a pleasing depth effect.When enemies are destroyed,bits fly towards the screen.The soundtrack is excellent and creates a beautiful atmosphere.The new 360 degree firing mode is a welcome touch as is the counter attack move.Pressing the X button when an enemy flashes silver and homes towards Samus results in a slash counter strike which always feels gratifying.
    I'm 2 hours into the game and only completed 9%.As you venture further into the game you unlock galley stills and hard modes when the game is completed.
    Overall it's a polished,well crafted salute to the series and the 3DS.Fans of the series won't be disappointed.
    Welcome back Samus,it's been a long time
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    Every time I saw Reggie or someone else introducing this, I always imagined them mumbling just after the shot "... now y'all ****ers, the millions of you who bitched about Fed Force, better run out and buy this pretty sharpish".
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    Sounds good. I'll definitely be picking this one up. Keep the impressions coming.

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    The control system flows well.The weapons and upgrades are spot on.For me MercurySteam has delivered

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    Already averaging 88% from 52 professional reviews thus far according to Metacritic. I was sceptical about MercurySteam handling this but they appear to have done a great job.

    Nintendo UK Store posted my Legacy Edition yesterday so hopefully I cop this come the weekend. Can't understand why there isn't a 3DS eShop demo of this though.
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    The Eurogamer review has slightly scared my away. I think I wanted more of a Super Metroid game. Don't mind the look of it. They claim the developer fallen wide of the mark. The combat leans towards more Other M. Starting to think I need to play it first....


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