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    Metroid Samus Returns 3DS

    Finally after years of waiting for a 2D Metroid,MercurySteam lands a superb version for the 3ds.Graphics are really well presented and the 3D gives a pleasing depth effect.When enemies are destroyed,bits fly towards the screen.The soundtrack is excellent and creates a beautiful atmosphere.The new 360 degree firing mode is a welcome touch as is the counter attack move.Pressing the X button when an enemy flashes silver and homes towards Samus results in a slash counter strike which always feels gratifying.
    I'm 2 hours into the game and only completed 9%.As you venture further into the game you unlock galley stills and hard modes when the game is completed.
    Overall it's a polished,well crafted salute to the series and the 3DS.Fans of the series won't be disappointed.
    Welcome back Samus,it's been a long time
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    Every time I saw Reggie or someone else introducing this, I always imagined them mumbling just after the shot "... now y'all ****ers, the millions of you who bitched about Fed Force, better run out and buy this pretty sharpish".
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    Sounds good. I'll definitely be picking this one up. Keep the impressions coming.

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    The control system flows well.The weapons and upgrades are spot on.For me MercurySteam has delivered

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    Already averaging 88% from 52 professional reviews thus far according to Metacritic. I was sceptical about MercurySteam handling this but they appear to have done a great job.

    Nintendo UK Store posted my Legacy Edition yesterday so hopefully I cop this come the weekend. Can't understand why there isn't a 3DS eShop demo of this though.
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    The Eurogamer review has slightly scared my away. I think I wanted more of a Super Metroid game. Don't mind the look of it. They claim the developer fallen wide of the mark. The combat leans towards more Other M. Starting to think I need to play it first....

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    I got this at the weekend and played a large chunk of it already. So far, I'm really liking it. It looks pretty gorgeous on the 3DS and it's Metroid. It feels familiar and it works. I wanted another Metroid and this very much is it. In terms of influences it is an interesting one because it is based on Metroid 2 (which I played but never finished) and plays like a 2D Metroid but it seems to take many visual and audio cues from the Prime series. So it feels like a hybrid.

    While the controls mostly work as they always did, the addition of the parry move really changes the pace. Much better to wait for an attack and parry than to run through blasting. Not sure if it's any better but it's certainly not a bad change and works for this one.

    We're back to complete free exploration, no dialogue, no obvious hand-holding, no 'go here next'. You just go where you want until you can go no further and I love that. It feels like classic Metroid.

    Criticisms so far would be about the pacing, which is somewhat inherited from the original game. Firstly the goal (destroy a set number of Metroids) feels so basic and almost abstract that it doesn't motivate as much as the exploration itself. The next is that areas are divided up into numbers (Area 1, Area 2 and so on) and that really is about as defined as they get. There is plenty of variation within each area and the result of that is that the areas don't actually feel all that different - there isn't a big buzz from discovering a new area. And lastly the abilities come so thick and fast early on that I found I didn't ever feel I needed them until after I had them.

    But it's Metroid and it's a good one and it's about time we got one. I think I would have preferred a Metroid 5 rather than a 2 remake but this will do just nicely.

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    Put 18.5 hours into this now and only done 44.4% of the map.On the last Area but something weird happens when I go to the area of the boss which results in death everytime.I’ll suss it
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    One thing I meant to mention is the 3D and not just actual 3DS 3D - just how the backgrounds are built in 3D. It's quite wonderful. Everything extends back and feels like it makes sense as part of a much larger layout. So the part of a platform that we jump on might be part of a walkway that extends back and around a corner. The effect is fantastic to the point where sometimes I want to be able to run into the screen and explore further.

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    Currently 9.5 hours into this and I think Mercury Steam done a fantastic job.
    The pace of the game mixed with the combat mechanics makes for excellent action, it reminds me of Other M in that respect. It's tough going too, the game pulls no punches!

    It's the first Metroid game where I can understand the premise of hard mode. I can't wait to see some speed runs of this where people have a real grip on movement and combat.
    Although saying that I have some mild concerns about speed running the game...just because I've noticed they have double and triple blocked sections, which I could imagine a speed runner exploiting.

    For example they'll add slime walls to stop spiderball AND add fans to stop morphball bomb jumping to areas which you can technically don't need to worry about. We'll see though.

    Even after 9.5 hours I still find parrying a Metroid and unloading rockets into it very satisfying.

    Only downside for me is playing this on the 3DS. I hate playing on the small screen and like everyone else will end up with "Claw Hand" after playing for an hour or 2.


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