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    PES2018 PS4/Eggbox/PC

    Woah, silky fluids. PES plays like water trickling between your toes, but you can control the water and do some skills with it. Erm...

    No really, it's really good.

    There's a new online CO-OP 3v3 mode which see you levelling up, joining a clan and attempting to dominate the clan league.

    This new mode is so addictive, it's all I've done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanpeebles View Post
    booby knockas
    I know, right?

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    Played the hell out of the demo so picked the full game up at Trade Nation today for 40 pounds. It's the best football game I have played, I just wish I didn't have to faff with Edit files..

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    Oh my. I love 3v3 co-op and I love myClub, and to my surprise, I noticed in myClub you can now do 3v3 myClub matches!

    So, I've been playing with a friend on this mode and it randomly selects several players for each of you and your friend's myClub team. So good. I also have to give credit to the online performance of this. Flawless so far!

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    Yeah, dribbling feels a lot more fluid, and the graphics (especially the crowd) have seen a decent upgrade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddymeow View Post
    Batter than 2017?!
    A whole other world of difference.

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    PC version is nice enough. Still don't get how Conami haven't bothered with overhauling the clunky UI. Seems to have not moved on since PES 4 back in the day.

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    Plays a great, natural game of football and I’m really liking the pace of it. My only slight issue is the player switching doesn’t always work as well as I’d have liked but thankfully, there is a patch on the way to sort that out.


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