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Thread: Project Cars 2

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    Project Cars 2

    Been playing this on PS4 over the weekend and really starting to fall for it.

    I was a big fan of project Cars 2 but had a few niggles; The controller feel was bad, their was a lack of big name cars and it was missing a level of polish that I had become accustomed to from Forza Motorsport 6 and Gran Turismo 6.

    PC2 has addressed all these concerns with a vastly improved controller feel, a better UI such as loading percentages, quicker menu loads and a more logical layout and the car count has increased greatly with the addition of Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini. And seeing as the original had a great track selection, the idea they've added even more is frankly silly! Also, as Forza gets away with a track or 2 added every 2 years and GT Sport has pulled most of them, it makes the 2 yardsticks looks a bit shambolic.

    So to recap, it's the best simulator I've ever played, handles great and has a **** load of content. It's going good so far!

    Here's a video I made of my new favourite track since driving a Cayman around it this year, the Algarve circuit in the 911 GT3 RS.

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    I’m tempted but I got burnt by PC1 as the force feedback was so bad and it didn’t feel as good as say Assetto Corsa not even close. I’m hearing this is better but still not quite up there yet.

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    Never liked Assetto Corsa myself, it entered the same realm as iRacing as a simulator that its fans say this is the most realistic simulator ever made.

    However, when I play it (With controller for AC and Wheel for iRacing) I just notice how bland the visuals and track renditions are, how bad the controller support is (Wheel support with iRacing was exemplary of course and Project Cars had poor controller support) and the lack of weather? It's sub par. Yes the physics are great, but so is Project Cars 2 in my eyes so then it comes down to immersion, atmosphere and features, Project Cars 2 has this sewn up.

    Give it a go if you can, if your bread is buttered on AC then fair enough this won't change you as it's a different kind of simulation, but PC2 is just the business.

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    The default settings on this for the controller are truly strange, once I tweaked them to a more like Forza setting it really clicked.

    the amount of contact there is truly stunning.

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    I got the game yesterday to try with the Vive and wheel and it’s a lot of fun and works well. Definitely need to play with the FFB settings however as it feels very flat but I’d say it’s already better game than PCars1.

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    Glad to hear your initial impressions are good @Supergoal hopefully it continues along the same line!

    Despite having loads of **** on this week, I managed to veg out and spend about an hour just enjoying 1 car and track last night, exploring the limits of both. It's such a lovely feeling game, really feeling it more and more.

    Also, the F50 GT at Fuji?
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    Spent more time with it, well a bit more and found a decent FFB setup file someone had made and it seems to work almost as well as AC as far as FFB goes. Usually I don't have a strong desire to keep using my Vive, plugging it in each time but with Pcars 2 It's totally worth it with VR. So much better. I haven't tried the triple monitor setup yet but will try that later as I used to play AC on triples which is so excellent.

    One of the things I usually go for in a race game is the Time Trials and try to get up those leaderboards. Career mode doesn't really interest me but it seems like it has a lot of depth for that kind of thing.

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    I've had the rare chance to spend a couple of hours free time to play this. I have to say, it feels alot tighter than the first. The cars don't feel like they are driving on polished glass in the rain. Still haven't quite got my steering sensitivity quite right yet, but I love the fact you can tweak all this stuff.

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    I have found a couple of troubling issues with this.
    I'm playing through the career mode racing GT5s and I have found that the AI cars are clocking times way above what they should be.
    During practice and quali ill be either keeping pace or in some cases overtaking cars and when we cross the line, they will be a clear 2 seconds faster than me!
    Also, during rain, the AI will never pit for tires and don't seem too effected by the wet. Although this did lead to an epic final race with me drifting round the track and finishing fourth. I just hope this gets fixed and isn't a problem with all the career races.

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    Fair bit of jelly on a plate to begin with and it took me a few hours to get a handling set up that was actually playable with a ds4.

    Fantastic engine sounds - that enzo is red hot


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