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    Cuphead - Xbox and Windows

    Wow! Even after a three year gestation this is still a mighty impressive game. The visuals are stunning. The animation is utterly glorious. The music is all 30s style jazz and fits perfectly. The sound effects are brilliant even simple things like the sound of selecting options on the menu screen which has clearly been made by someone mimicking a typical game sound effect.

    More importantly is the game itself. This is clearly a love letter to classic 80s and 90s games. The controls are more like a typical run and gun game than a platformer but suit the game well with an 8 way aim for your “gun” which can also be locked. There’s a dash button to evade bullets although you will still take a hit if you try to dash through an enemy. And there is a parry maneuver as well working with a certain colour of object which seems to be there to rack up a bonus to help with high score gathering.

    To me this feels like Gunstar Heroes in many respects and that’s high praise indeed. Edge will probably give it a six.
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    I didn't even know it was out ... sounds ace ... but oh Lordy, it's been an expensive week ...

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    OK, the weekend is set then. Does the game support arcade sticks or must be played with analog controls?

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    I’ve been playing it with the d-pad. The analogue thumbsticks would feel weird with a game like this.

    What stick are you using Briareos?

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    I'll be using an Hori HRAP Hayabusa Silent, but I'll give it a go with the standard pad as well.

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    I didn’t know that Hori did any Xbox One compatible sticks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMcK View Post
    I didn’t know that Hori did any Xbox One compatible sticks.
    It's not, it's a PS4 stick I run through a Titan One; I've used it for Raiden 4 and it's lag-free. The only hassle is that you have to set the Titan to XBO mode by attaching a wired official controller to the converter and then remove the battery lest the official controller tries to reconnect automatically, disconnecting the stick.

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    I can only echo the opening two posts ... very special indeed. The game has so much going for it it's unreal. I always loved the look of it but wondered if it could ever play as good as it looked, and it really does.

    And seeing those visuals in motion while the ragtime tunes bounce along ... it's something else.

    Really, really glad I still have an XboxOne.

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    Will it support Mad Catz Xbox 360 SF4 stick on the One? If so, that's a major plus point for me playing the game


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