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Thread: Fortnite

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    The last week added Duo's and air drops to the gameplay followed by stat tracking (woo). With the increased popularity i'm running into a few more assholes in teamplay via play 4 man squads, still a small percentage of the overall games i'd played (4 attacks out of 70+ games) but it's damn annoying, but i've learn to be ready for ambush so any fire im sticking a wall up or jumping (surprising good defense against single shot weapons and shotgun, due how strong auto aim is), the last 2 attacks failed and left them in KO state ripe for tea bagging and dancing... and there nothing they can do about it except close the game down as it takes a good minute or 2 for a full KO bar to vanish.

    I do hope they add some sort of simple communication for playing with randoms, the d-pad aside from UP isn't used and i can quite easily lose the emote dance on DOWN, so if they add "Enemy sighted" along with whatever direction your facing, follow me, and stay here, i would be happy.

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    Voice comms is up. And jumping is nerfed.

    My son got a bit excited about winning a solo game, so made this vid:

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    Haha, its good feeling to have.

    Not played it since last wednesday as the lag was getting pretty bad to point i where even if i got the drop on someone i was losing most of them time and watching their HP still be 100 like i'd done no damage to them... so clearly they'd seen me and fired before i seen them and fired from our own perspectives and the server just goes RNG time.

    I assume the jumping nerf is the bunny hopping? As it been an increasing tactic when the lag is bad for someone to just jump, jump, jump with a shotgun making them really hard to hit as the auto aim does a terrible job at tracking upwards.

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    Yeah, if you continually jump, after a few jumps, you get "stuck" like tiredness.

    I've not had many issues with lag. Xbox or PS4? Also, check your settings. Mine was on Oceana for region after the update, so quickly changed it back to Europe.

    The most noticeable issue I've had is sometimes it pauses completely for say a third of a second while running across nowhere in particular.

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    Some heavy sessions over the last week, the latest update brought a new addition of "camo bushes" is pretty damn funny as i've have been caught and caught others blending in and staying still to shoot them in the back. And regen juice which helped get another duo's win with MikeC, in a rampaging combined 12 kill win. In squads alone i'm up to 32 hrs and 11 wins, and i've had a fare amount of team killers happen more often nowadays, who always seem to be spanish.


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