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    I have an idea of what the paid side of Fortnite is, 3rd person shooter horde defense with the ability to destroy and build. But this isn't about that. This is about the 100 man battle royal mode they put in for freeplay, very much like PUG throw yourself out of a flying bus and be the last one(or squad) standing. It's smaller in scale due no vehicles, no mods for weapons, and smaller inventory so it's all kept quite simple, what isn't simple is the build/destroy mode which brings a ton of tactics to the game.

    Video below is my 1st win, shows the game off a bit, little using the build mode to defend against incoming fire (used against me as well), learning how to use the damned edit feature (realised you can only edit 1 feature in to each part). The end was quite smart, i built an encampment so others couldn't get up or would need more material to do so while i could reign fire down on them build up towards me, luckily the last player seemed to have no materials so between my grenades and the enclosing death storm i got my win.

    Game should definitely you let test out building in the lobby, but it doesn't (there are a handfull of materials some where though) as it gets pretty rough trying to figure out what does what at the start while fending off other killers.

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    Enjoying it so far. Staying with the squad is imperative. Solo in squad mode is suicide

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    Ps4, was on earlier till it booted me with a server error, then when i rejoined i had a 7min queue to just get into the mode select... very popular atm, not complaining to much, it F2P afterall.

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    Managed to come 2nd in Battle Royal, it’s pretty fun

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    I got a 1st place finish within my first 10 games. I took the stealthy approach through out the whole round, and got a couple of lucky kills at the end :P

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    thread already exists for Fortnite, i guess where talking about the pvp Fortnite Battle Royal in here,

    if you want to get good at building id highly recommend the full game.

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    Play some squad games with MikeC from these Forums, some fun games. How does voice chat work ingame, didn't seem to work from the lobby and there never enough time to sort it out in game, so is there in game, once actually playing, chat functions or is it all turned off? in the end we just stuck to a 2 man PSN chat party, and worked our best with the 2 randoms with us.

    Man some of games, 2 of us taking down multiple parties of 3 or 4 people, pulse was racing.

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    2 crazies building a bridge to the heavens.... but not for long.


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