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    Forza Motorsport 7

    I went for the Ultimately digital version, so got to play the game on Friday, after the 67Gb download!

    Racing is pretty much the same as the last game.

    The Menu system has changed somewhat. The Cars are split according to Tier, so you get your cheaper models in the first Tier progressing to your Le Mans racers and similar in Tier 5. There is also a Specialty Dealer where you can buy a few cars that are nor normally purchasable. These are limited time offers (for about a week presumably).

    You have a levelling up system. If you are expecting the payouts you had in Forza 6, forget it. You get 20,000 every time you level up. You do get the chance to buy a discounted car according to the Tier of you Car Collection. This is somewhat confusing as the Tier system is not the same as the Tiers determining car type. each car has a points value dependent on cost. As you gain more points you move to the next Tier and gain a bigger discount on the level up car purchase. I have managed a decent collection so far with this system, though money can be an issue with the more expensive discounted cars. You do get the option to skip the purchase, take a 50,000 credit payout (which is not so good when your discount level increases, mine is I think 300,000) or get a new outfit for your driver. Skipped cars can be bought later when you have sufficient funds.

    VIP seems a somewhat controversial deal this time. You get some Forza Edition cars (they do give Bonus Credits or XP). Mods are again in the game and you get some for a VIP reward of an extra 100% credits on a race, though these get used up and most of the time using normal cars there is absolutely no benefit from being VIP!

    There are 6 race series to run with a number of events in each. There is the online multiplayer as well. You do get the option to set up a single player race. With all races you get the option to set the Drivatar (AI mob!) difficulty and aggression. Bizarrely it seems you set Limit Aggression to OFF to have less aggravating opponents! I set difficulty to low for an east ride. On the one off races you can set the number of laps (but only 50 maximum). Setting Advanced rules you can have a timed race, at which time the difficulty level seems to go out the window and you are suddenly up agains 23 Stigs!!! I got around this by setting some more restrictions so the AI have a maximum of the same HP as the car I am using and a weight at least the same. Doing this evens the playing field somewhat. In fact using these further settings, I can beat a field of Unbeatable level AI drivers (for a 100% credit bonus).

    Using the time race with restrictions and Unbeatable AI, I can make 87,500 credits in the Nissan GT-R Forza Edition (one of the cars VIP got me initially) in a 15 minute race, which helps with the lack of money problem. That total is the 35,000 from the race, 35,000 from the Unbeatable Drivers and 17,500 as a credit bonus from the Nissan.

    That last bit has certainly improved my opinion of the game.

    Strangely there appeared to be a 2.5Gb update this morning, but it seemed to disappear in a few minutes so may have been smaller.

    There is still some work for Turn 10 to do with the game, and if they ever want people to splash out on VIP in future, some changes will need to be made on that side of things.

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    Some grinds which will surely be patched.

    Free Play
    Nissan GTR Black Forza Edition
    30 second times race
    0 drivatars.
    Finish race.
    Click restart.
    Rewarded 10,000 CR per race every 30 seconds.
    1.2 million credits an hour.

    Also same can be dimensions with XP.

    Free Play
    Test Track Airfield
    RAM Runner 2013 Forza Edition
    30 second timed race
    Level up every (3 races) 90 seconds.
    Also you can reward yourself with a free car OR collect money on top of the 20,000 you get for levelling up.

    Get as much XP/CR as you can to buy as many loot boxes/cars as you can.

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    VIP will be fixed so I've bought it now. This is seriously gorgeous on the One S running with the 4k assets (approx another 20gb download).

    Loving the newer, closer in car view. The weather looks fantastic and even though it's early days the new structure to the single player feels better. All round a nice upgrade to 6, I can only imagine what this looks like in 4K / 60.


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