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    [NSW/3DS] Fire Emblem Warriors

    I wanted to play this on the Switch, but ordered the 3DS version by mistake.
    This game is one of the few New 3DS-only titles and there's no 3D effect to be found in the game, most probably to keep the framerate as high as possible in all situations. The game's performance is better than I though, it probably surpasses Hyrule Warriors (when both are played on New 3DS of course) with more technically demanding backgrounds and more interface elements on screen.
    However the art direction isn't on par with Hyrule Warriors, the opening stages are rather unimpressive towns and plains with far fewer areas and iconic spots than the rendition of Zelda as a musou game. Enemies as well are incredibly generic, the first foes are a mix of shadowy soldiers and monster thingies with no personality at all, and between the two I actually preferred the soldiers, at least they could have been from any FE game, the monsters look like they've been designed in half an hour and forced into the game...why not going for one of the two monster types found in Awakening or Fates is beyond me, especially when the game opens up with the cast of Awakening made playable.

    Fire Emblem Warriors plays exactly like you'd expect from a musuo game, so if you've played any of the Warriors spin-offs you'll be immediately at home. The companions seems a bit more competent and active than in Hyrule Warriors, and before the battle begins it's possible to change position of playable characters and already give them orders on where to go.
    From Awakening/Fates FE Warriors gets the ability to pair up characters so that they'll always move together and if under player's control they'll be able to execute combos and special attacks together.
    A pop-up menu allows to call forth a character's special abilities, for example Liz/Lisse can heal characters (she started as a pure healer in Awakening, but here she gets an axe as primary weapon).
    The weapon triangle is present but it doesn't really play a part, at least in these first missions, you see enemies wielding different weapons and the game informs you if your character is bad/good against them but it's just a very small bonus on damage.

    From Hyrule Warriors this game gets a pretty similar skill tree and weapon upgrade mechanic, with the same overly cumbersome interface Koei Tecmo seems to like so much.
    During the first missions the game constantly interrupts you with prompts on every single thing, from controls, through potions, to drops, and it gets boring almost immediately, very close to Navi from Ocarina Of Time levels. And these prompts are split between the two screens, which makes for a very awkward read.
    And then there's the crowning achievement of the interface, the level up window. As with all Fire Emblem games, characters level up during missions and that is greeted by the series' familiar tune and random increases to character stats. The problem lies in that this event interrupts the game whether the character levelling up is under your direct control or not, and gets annoying very very very very fast. Maybe there's an option somewhere, but again options are buried in a series of submenus and split in different categories.
    On the plus side the 3DS allows to quickly switch between characters by tapping the touchscreen.

    So, interface woes aside, Fire Emblem Warriors play like any other musou game before. Characters hail from Shadow Dragon, Echoes, Blazing Sword, Awakening, and Fates, though there's a strong focus on the last two, with Echoes and Blazing Sword receiving just one character (Celica and Lyn respectively).

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    There's a season pass with 3 lots of DLC and a wedding dress bonus for Lucina.

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    I only just found out this was a 3DS game... I thought it was a Switch game? Is there a Switch version on the way?

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    Both 3DS and Switch versions will be published in the west in about a month.

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