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  1. #181
    Oh thats interesting! I have 3 or 4 left on half the levels.

  2. #182
    I don't know how but I am missing like 1 purple coin on one level.

    That is very annoying because of how they are usually clustered.

    Have all of them on a handful of worlds but mostly missing a group here or there... Maybe Pimp Bowser needs to step in to the rescue.

  3. #183
    Woop 100% on the first world. This is gonna take a while! Note that some moons cannot be found until after completion.

  4. #184
    I just got 500 moons finally. I will never have the patience to get all of them but I love that it will always be there to pick up and look for one. It is an INCREDIBLE game. I love this so much. Each world has loads of fun in it and it controls beautifully. It just all feels right.

  5. #185
    finally 100%'d the game, though I haven't got 999 moons yet...I can't really see the point as you have to just buy the rest

    I hope there's some DLC with some harder levels, I found the game very easy compared to say 3d world/galaxy/64 etc

  6. #186
    Buy the rest? This sounds a bit worrying or cop out-ish? How you mean?

  7. #187
    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    Buy the rest? This sounds a bit worrying or cop out-ish? How you mean?

    Once you have finished the main game there are a lot of moons available in the shop. Maybe 120 or so. They cost coin though so you need to keep collecting coins which you also need to do for other reasons. Still round 880 main moons in the moonpie to catch though, a bit of padding to get to 999 is all...

  8. #188
    Loving this. Still not collected that many moons but am having a ball exploring the levels.

    Not keen on the motion controls (Nintendo just can't leave 'em alone, can they) and at times the level design and aesthetics feel more like Sonic or Banjo Kazooie rather than a bona fide Mario game, but the strangest and most jarring element is seeing humans in the game. I thought Mario was a human. A plumber from Brooklyn with Italian heritage who dropped so much acid that he lives entirely in his own imagination; much like Noel Fielding's Fantasy Man:

    Not that it matters. It's just a game after all. A bloody good one too.
    Last edited by Zen Monkey; 22-11-2017 at 01:30 PM.

  9. #189
    Yes, the humans are jarring for me too. Especially as the mayor is like Mario.

  10. #190
    I'm struggling with what I think is the last level. It's HARD.


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