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    Assassin's Creed Origins

    Ok so I'm about five hours into this playing on Xbox One S.

    You can tell immediately that this received another years development and is a true reboot for the franchise. The controls have had a complete overhaul, particularly the combat which is now brutal and rather difficult even on normal difficulty. Really I love this as it makes you wonder require to use stealth in places.

    So far it's biggest strength is it's setting. Egypt is absolutely jaw dropping in scale and detail. It's easily the best part of the game so far and given the size of the map I've only scratched the surface. The day/night cycle, sandstorms, lighting and wildlife... The background audio effects and generally the minute details that have gone into making this come to life is really top shelf.

    Game play wise it feels like a massive change for the series. I've recently completed Unity and Syndicate in the run up to this outing. Here, the open world gives this a new direction. It's very much the Far Cry template overlaid into an AC game. You find enemy camps to clear and new secret locations on the map. Camps have torches they can light to bring in reinforcements and they are tough! At least early on.

    The weapon and upgrade system is again straight from Far Cry. Hunt animals for resources to craft etc... It's been done before but it seems very much at home with the rest of what the game offers. The gear system appears to have the Destiny front end, in fact so the menus have a floating mouse cursor and popup messages like Bungies series. Copyright? Here you can dismantle gear for resources, upgrade at blacksmiths to your current level and enjoy hunting for those legendary items.

    So far the only real negative has been the story. We get a rushed introduction to Bayek, who I'm beginning to appreciate but feels like an unknown due to his quick intro. I've also already seen a few bugs. It all went a bit framey for me after one section where I jumped into the menus. I've seen one popup message about using lock-on not disappearing off screen and a few Camels doing weird circle's!!

    The thing I like most so far has been Senu, your eagle. Really beautiful to be able to get an actual birds eye view and scope out the landscape at any time. A real start of the show so far.

    So early days. Hopefully the story gets into high gear soon and it starts feeling more interesting. Still it pretty special already.

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    Hope fully the bugs get ironed out fairly quickly. Keep the impressions coming. What’s the frame rate like?

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    Apart from that one part where coming been from the menu made it all janky for a while the frame rate has actually been rock solid.

    Also, I'm not out of Siwa yet which is the first town you start in. I've done a few side missions and then decided to wander off the beaten track a little to check out some of the question marks on the map. So really the game hasn't kicked off proper as yet.

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    Funnily enough, I was about ready to give up on this series and didn't plan on buying this one, when they threw it in with a SSD I purchased. Can't play it 'til the new build is done though. I heard the combat has a touch of dark souls' more deliberate combat?

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    Yep it's definitely got a bit of dark souls alright. You've got light and heavy attacks on RT & RB with LB raising your guard or shield. You can dodge evade with X and use the right stick to lock on.

    In the abilities you can soon unlock a parry move you time with B and a ultra heavy charge attack as well.

    The combat is probably the biggest and hardest change to get past. To be honest I'm struggling with it even against same level enemies but then I sucked at Dark Souls as well.

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    Hearing the game is technically not up to scratch on current gen, pro/onex and a beefy pc is ok.

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    I've seen this on the One X at an event last week and yes, it's drop dead gorgeous in 4k. That said it's glorious on the One S I'm currently on at home. No real complaints as it's easily one of the best looking games I've played. I'm on a 4k TV so it's upscaled.

    This has all finally clicked for me now. The combat is becoming second nature. Going off exploring is great fun and now I'm at Alexandria and beyond the things I'm finding are awesome.

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    I'm now up to level 26, about halfway through the campaign and same with the map.

    The game is brilliant. I'm in love with Egypt as a setting. I don't think they could have gone for a better location. I'm really starting to get access to some serious legendary weapons now as well, so playing around with different combat styles and tactics that excel with the perks these weapons offer.

    I'm not really into Destiny and it's constant weekly gaming to push forward, but if you like the pursuit of weapons this has its fair share. There are some special missions now appearing that allude to some serious gear. The one that has piqued my interest is a sword of fire!! Need that one.

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    Is the Temple of Tootanparp in it?

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    Might have to invest in this one and see what it looks like on the Pro


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