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    Mudrunner (Spintyres) (PS4)

    Played this at midnight when it was accessible having bought it earlier in the day.

    From the company that brought you Farming Simulator (17 being the latest and a game I return to regularly), though a different developer.

    This is not a game for the faint hearted. The Tutorial restricts you to a rather odd external view. It does give you the basics of the game which involves going to locations on the map and picking up logs and depositing them. A somewhat time consuming exercise as you are doing some serious off-roading. After the Tutorial you can use an in cab view which makes manoeuvring the vehicles easier.

    There are Challenges to get you more in tune with the game. After 20 minutes on the first one, I was in sight of my objective totally stuck!! This Challenge involved picking up a semi-trailer and dropping it off at a destination maybe a kilometre away. Picking a manageable route is crucial.

    If you like racing around this is not for you as you spend a lot of time mud crawling. Some trucks have diff locks and all wheel drive to help you keep moving. If all else fails you have a Winch to get you out of trouble (if you are lucky).

    On the game proper you start with three types of vehicle (an off-roader 4x4 and two 6x6 trucks). You can unlock extra vehicles by driving next to them on the map and getting into them. The 4x4 can be recalled to your garage when you are there. Part of the map is hidden to you initially which restricts you a little. I was playing on Casual, though there is a more difficult setting. The idea is to deliver logs to a logging mill after picking them up. I still need to figure out how to load the logs (not the same as the Tutorial unfortunately). It was at that point I decided the Challenges were the way to go.

    The look of the vehicles and environments are pretty much on a par with Farming Simulator (so good).

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    I enjoyed this when it was released on PC a few years back

    EDIT started a thread here:


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