Downloaded this in the sale (24.99), as i always take a punt with the series and it has been improving over the years. This years is definitely an improvement, but some of the issues still remain. Gameplay and handling is great - big differences between classes, with nice car models and engine sounds. the cars feel really nice to race. Graphically it looks like a 1440p presentation for the ps4 pro, with 30fps lock (framerate/screen tearing was a big issue in previous versions). Some tracks look stunning others, not so much.

The damage modeling is still rubbish - basically you have small dents in the bodywork, front and back bumpers can come off and cracked lights - its also possible to get punctures, but i havent seen them happening. Even on the highest setting/ you can really trash the car and it makes very little visual difference or difference to handing (again with settings on). Dirt rallys damage model is so far ahead, its not funny. Presentation is pretty poor too - very basic.

anyhow, its better than last years offering, but still a way to go. If you take it as an arcade rally game, there is alot fun to be had. Maybe they will get it right next year?