I havenít got very far yet, but thought a post may be in order.

I decided this was a Sale purchase when it first was released. With the current deals it is £19.99 on PSN and £17.50 or £20.00 on Xbox. I went for the £20 Xbox option as it includes all current DLC. The PSN version is the vanilla game.

It has the feel (and look, though more futuristic) of Saints Row (inevitably). You have three characters in your team and can swap between them using the d-pad. As you progress through the missions more characters become available. The included DLC of the £20 version has three extra characters included but they need to be accessed when their missions are available.

The combat is similar to Saints Row, each character has its own special abilities that you can use. As you progress and level up your abilities can be enhanced.

After completing the first mission you are let loose in Seoul to get back to HQ. There are collectibles to be found so it is a good idea to have a wander before getting to HQ. There are some Orange Glowing Crystals which you need to collect 10 and use to upgrade your character choice of character further. Other pickups include money, vehicles, characters (I think) and crafting materials (you can use these at HQ to make new weapons).

Quite an enjoyable distraction then. I have another mission to look forward to which gives more goodies.