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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    I've never read The Shining, so let me know if it finishes strong.
    All finished, all good. To be honest, as soon as the Overlook wakes up the book never dips.

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    Found myself reading a stray copy of Shutter Island that's been on the A&E kitchen table for about two months. Had a quiet phase on Tues and had done both Metro crosswords so I decided to give it a blast.

    Haven't seen the movie but everyone seems to rave about it. I didn't really think it was that great a book, I'd guessed the inevitable 'twist' at the very start, it was OK but all a bit brown and meh.

    Not really a fan of this author, I read Mystic River back in t'day and came away similarly underwhelmed. Just...very brown writing.

    But OK.

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    Back on Dune again.

    It's too hot and humid here, though, so it'll be a right slog. I'll probably put it on hold until the weather is better.

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    I finished The Power and I really enjoyed it.
    There are several strands of characters, all seemingly separate, but their paths cross eventually. Pretty much all of them are interesting and some are riveting. It's not perfect and some of the comparisons of men and women is a little clumsy, but I never lost interest and really wanted to find out how the story concluded.

    I'm now on to The Gardens of Nibiru (The Ember War Saga #5).
    It's the fifth book in the military sci-fi series, and I'm obviously enjoying it if I'm still reading them!
    They're a bit like Aliens and Babylon 5 as it follows some space marines and the interplanetary diplomacy of the remaining humans after the Earth is attacked by marauding aliens.

    I think I'm doing the series a disservice by reducing it down to a paragraph, because I really like the series.
    The initial story was gripping - a messenger probe lands on Earth and guides a scientist to fast-forward human technology so that when an approaching alien apocalyptic force arrives, they're ready for it.
    Following on from that set up, the books follow the Earth's resistance as we find we're not alone and we have to find out just who's ne our side, who's trying to eat us and who's manipulating us into getting eaten.
    The characters are great, with a few standouts like Standish.
    The narration is really well done by Luke Daniels who handles most of the accents pretty well, even when there are several aliens speaking, they all have a unique voice. The only one he can't do is Welsh.

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    I'm reading 'It' currently. I love how it captures all the fears and wonders of being a kid and playing with friends, a bit like Stand By Me/The Body did. It's a pretty hefty book but it's all killer/no filler so far.

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    "What distinguishes Eckhart from most later theologians is that he says the word “God” the way a carpenter says “wood” or a swimmer says “water”. He knows what he is talking about. And if his words remind us again and again of Vedanta, Zen or the Sufis, surely this is because those who truly See, See the same thing. Still, it would be wrong to think of him as some kind of eccentric or stray: he is part of a broad tradition of Christian thought that begins with the Gospel of John and survives until the late 17th century. Eckhart speaks the same language as other Mediaeval theologians, though with an accent of his own.”

    An interesting and very thought provoking book by one of Europe's greatest mystics. If you believe religion, especially western religion, has always been a destructive, supressive, morally bankrupt hive of hypocrisy then read this book and think again. Wisdom never ages.

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    Been reading "Pygmy" by Chuck Pahlaniuk.

    I'm not that impressed with it, there's a bit very early on where a school bully gets badly bummed, traumatically, yet is still allowed to hang around as some kind of 'love interest' character, and with seemingly no real care, the extremities of what has recently happened seemingly amounting to nowt.

    I think that would futch someone up a tad, maybe?

    It's irking me. I know Chucky is trying to write a Frankie Boyle type of thang in book form but I just find stuff like that irritating with no explanation,also see the 'bloody baptism' episode where no repercussions even seem to occur.

    I will finish the book because the premise is a fun one to me, I just hope it gets funnier. It's the sort of book that really kicks me in the arse and makes me wanna write a book.

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    I finished The Gardens of Niburu, which I enjoyed and moved on to Paradox Bound:
    "Eli’s willing to admit it: he’s a little obsessed with the mysterious woman he met years ago. Okay, maybe a lot obsessed. But come on, how often do you meet someone who’s driving a hundred-year-old car, clad in Revolutionary-War era clothes, wielding an oddly modified flintlock rifle—someone who pauses just long enough to reveal strange things about you and your world before disappearing in a cloud of gunfire and a squeal of tires?
    So when the traveler finally reappears in his life, Eli is determined that this time he’s not going to let her go without getting some answers. But his determination soon leads him into a strange, dangerous world and a chase not just across the country but through a hundred years of history—with nothing less than America’s past, present, and future at stake."

    It's decent fun with a pretty ridiculous McGuffin at the core of it, but if you can get past that, you'll probably enjoy it.
    I found the main characters likeable, but the character of Harriet was pretty closed off all the way through, which made her hard to like. She had her reasons, but it didn't make hanging out with her a joy.

    Just started up #7 of the John Milton series, Headhunters. I love this series and if you like Bond or Reacher, I strongly urge you to check out the series. The first book, The Cleaner, is usually in an offer.


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