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Thread: dvdx2

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    Andy bought some consoles from me and was very patient whilst I got them ready and tested them etc. Cheers :-)

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    Sold him Sonic CD for the Mega CD. No problems and friendly comms!

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    Andy GAVE me an hrap 3 in answer to my call for a joystick to convert to neo geo. Many thanks mate.

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    I bought Everybody's Golf for the PS4, arrived super quick. It also had a folded square of bubble wrap inside to protect the disc, which is always the hallmark of a gentleman.

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    This generous chap sent me a complete copy of Ridge 5 absolutely gratis. And it had the bubble wrap on the disc thing too, which is genius.

    Credit it to the forum. Very kind, thanks again dvdx2 going to stick it on tonight!

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    sent me a psx controller extension cable pretty fast service very pleased


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