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    Best version of Rainbow Islands?

    I'm looking to pick this up in the not so distant future. The versions I'm considering are PC Engine SCD and Mega Drive ones. Is there anyone who has played both and can offer some comparisons?


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    The Super CD version tops the MD version in my book. As I remember it was arcade pixel perfect.

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    The Saturn and PS versions are the best - but have different music which is a shame.

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    Hmm Saturn version is good comes with Bubble Bobble too.

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    I thought Graftgold (Andrew Braybrook & Steve Turner) converted them on PS/Saturn & Amiga, so there should be minimal differences between them.

    Dunno about the PC Engine conversion tho'

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    Im pretty sure the pc engine cd verison is the only one to have all 10 islands (7 normal 3 secret) Unless anyone can tell me if any of the others had the full set of 10.

    IMO the MD version looks pretty poor in comparison to the pce version.

    Also the pc engine cd version has dolby surround sound (so it says on the back of the cd case)
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    Quote Originally Posted by importaku
    Im pretty sure the pc engine cd verison is the only one to have all 10 islands (7 normal 3 secret)
    Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that!

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    The Amiga and ST version didn't have the extra levels.

    PC engine and Megadrive did, as does the PSX and Saturn versions

    PSX and saturn also come bundled with Bubble Bobble and rainbow islands enhanced which is a touched up version of the original.

    It's still an amazingly well put together game, even now. Still working out some of the item triggers.

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    Famicom / NES version. Not a bad conversion, just it's better on other machines.

    Master System (not released in Japan). Again not a bad conversion, nicer looking then the Famicom/NES version but flickers a lot.

    Gameboy (believed to be released in Japan..). Nice version, but fiddly to play properly.

    Amiga / ST (like you need to know it wasn't released in Japan...). Good conversions although require you to have said machines.

    Megadrive (Japanese only). I personally prefer this over the PC Engine version if because it has the Extra version which the PC Engine version doesn't.

    PC Engine CD-ROM (Japanese only). Probably the most arcade perfect of all of the versions, but I still prefer the MD version.

    X68000 (Like your going to have a X68000...). Nice version although doesn't feel as nice as the Amiga / ST versions.

    PC - Good version if you can find it.

    PSX / Saturn (Not released in Japan ...). Probably the best version of the lot, has different music because of the theme breaking several copyright laws... Has a nasty looking version of Rainbow Islands on it for good measure... (Bubble Bobble on the disc is based on the ST version which is far from perfect....).

    Wonderswan (released in Japan only). Nice version if replacing the two boy dinosaurs with a cute girl and it's in black and white and probably difficult to find.

    Think thats all the versions. (Not sure about the FM Towns, PC-8801 or PC-9801 series... but I'm fairly sure they weren't on these machines...)

    Oh I'm skipping Commodore 64, Amstrad and Spectrum mainly because if you think these are better versions then the ones above then you need good medical help and very soon at that.
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