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Thread: Strider

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    Great trade with Darran, swapped a few MD games for a Saturn game, really pleased

    Thanks again mate!

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    Top seller - bought two Saturn games which turned up the day after postage in lovely condition. Cheers, mate!

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    Bought a couple of Saturn games. Sent out quickly and in good condition with a nice freebie thrown in as well. Top man. Thanks again.

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    Sold me a few Saturn games. Thanks you

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    <insert praise to Strider as a seller here>.

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    Darran bought a couple of Megadrive games from me, paid quickly and good comms throughout.

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    Another great trade with Darran, swapped an MD game for a PSP game.. usual good communication and he posted quickly..

    Thanks again mate!

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    Great trade with Darren.

    Swapped two Wii games for a Wii U game. Quick delivery excellent packaging and top communication.

    Top man thanks!


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