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    Fast payment, relatively fast PMs and always polite.

    Recommended - thanks!

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    Bought Philosoma from me, nice smooth transaction & friendly PMs.

    Thanks alot. :-)

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    Bought RR6 from me and paid in super quick style. Friendly comms from start to finish.
    A pleasure to deal with

    Cheers mate

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    Fast paypal payment for monkey ball 2 (US GC). Cheers.

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    Kingston helped me out by buying a steaming turd of a game from me. I've been trying to give it away for weeks so i was most pleased that someone actually paid me for it.

    Enjoy matey

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    Excellent buyer. Paid instantly and was patient with the delays that occured.

    Friendly and understanding.

    Yet another decent NTSCer.

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    Bought a jp saturn game from me with instant payment. Lovely, enjoy!


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