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    Man Jesus wept (twice apparently). I can't believe how much that goes for.


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    He has one of the Nintendo World Championships NES carts for sale as well, and at only 3,750 it's a steal

    The T-Mek price is extreme but aren't there less than 10 copies in circulation? I think the current estimate on the NES chamionship cart is that there's about 90 floating around but the demand is higher I guess.

    EDIT - The 300+ figure I was thinking (wrongly) was for the US campus competition carts rather than worldwide. Apparently they made 90 of the regular World Championships carts for use in competitions and 26 gold ones for the prizes but so far only 12 of those are known to be in circulation. Wikipedia says the last one to sell went for $15,000
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    LOL bidder 4 got shafted & lost by 99p but in the end there all losers for paying so much for a **** football game

    Sometimes collectors make my mind boggle, if it was a AAA title i might have understood a bit but LOL football

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    £750!!!!!!!! I cant believe it...
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    Well, major props to bidder 4 - he gained me £350 in a few seconds

    So, how long before someone else lists one with a £750 BIN?

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    That was mad. Mad, mad, mad. The fact that someone lost by 99p on an item costing that much is quite silly as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anagrama View Post
    Well, major props to bidder 4 - he gained me 350 in a few seconds

    So, how long before someone else lists one with a 750 BIN?
    let us know if the guy actually pays for it, remember you cant neg anymore

    i hope he does and the virtual beers are on you

    @ Importaku - i'm sure you and i have stuff we've paid for that somebody else thinks is poo poo

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    I know the winner from another forum and he's certainly genuine

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    Are you going to tell us what you paid now? I've made some decent profits on games in my time but not sure I could top that one.


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