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Thread: CMcK

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    Bought IQ remix for ps2, received speedily and as described. Top bloke, highly recommended.

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    bought 2 Jpn PSone games from him at a lovely price

    friendly with swift comms and almost immediate delivery


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    Bought a couple of DC shooters from this chap. They came quickly and well packaged, great stuff thanks.

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    Top bloke, traded a PS3 game, good comms and sent it when said he would, cheers.

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    Big up goin' out 2 CMcK,
    When he ain't giving stuff away he occassionaly sells uber fine stuff at nice price

    Sold me a cheap as chips (?20 round here with salt & vinegar, mayo inc) Wii Zelda game in super uber lush condition!

    To top it all off he's also part of the ExVGI massive & well good at Chromehounds

    Luv the guy till next time mate

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    Bought a couple games, excellent communication and a pleasure to deal with, many thanks. :-)

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    Bought a DC arcade stick off Craig.

    Arrived the day after posting. Perfect.

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    Bought a namco arcade stick from Craig. Had to ask about some posting prices and he told me everything i needed to know. fast delivery too. No problems at all.

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    Bought taiko drum master (ps2) good price, good bloke, no probs

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    Bought a Dreamcast with a couple of games from CMcK, overall super condition, and for a good price. Really a pleasant fellah to do business with.


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