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    Brad (formerly FSW)

    Brad bought my copy of Oblivion PS3.

    Genuinely a pleasure to trade with. Very friendly comms all through & a 'blink & you'll miss it' quick payment. A welcome addition to the trading boards!

    Two thumbs up
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    Let me have a PS2 component lead for free. Very polite and even apologised for not sending it out promptly!

    Superb, thumbs up!

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    J0e Musashi's Avatar
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    Gamertag: I3th Racing PSN ID: Mr_Karate
    Sent me an S-VHS cable for nowt. Top man here gang.

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    Also sent me a freebie cable. Much appreciated

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    bought New SMB DS from fullspec - flawless - mint condition - lovely

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    Bought Electroplankton and Excite Truck from FSW, came quickly and good nick.


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    Sold me a DS game which arrived quick, in excellent condition. Thanks mate

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    bought a nice Phat DS from this guy and it arrived quickly and in good condition

    sorry for the late feedback only got to test it last night

    thanks for everything - top seller

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    Had a Wifi Nintendo dongle off me. Paid promptly and sent some nice PMs and stuff - top buyer!11!

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    Bought MGS1 PS1 off me, no problems at all. thanks a lot


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