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    I just can't get into this. I've really only just brushed the surface I'm sure, but walking around slowly does my head in, especially when I don't press x quick enough and end up having to fight them anyway. Gah. Oh well, at least I tried. If anything the violence this game would instill in me would be because of the mucking about doing nothing except walking slowly - enough to make me want to bosh the nearest punchbag. That'll be it for this game from me.

    Top graphics though. Even though it's dull and grimey, it's still full of little touches that are a joy to behold.

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    My wife is playing this on our PS2 this very second, what setting do we change to make the mic more sensitive, the settings have +/- Db but don't really seem to do much as far as we can tell

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    Manhunt was registered and renewed first time in 10 years last 05/06/2016.

    Presumably with GTAV still at the top of the charts yeeeears after release and Red Dead Redemption 2 about to drop, they're looking for other games to work on.

    $$$ Stay tuned for Manhunt: Online! $$$

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    Hmmmm. Could be a cheap online cash-in or have the power to be something really powerful and special and interesting.

    I think the former but the latter would be nice.


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