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    I think I'll try to catch it at the Glasgow Film Theatre. They have a few showings on Friday and Saturday.

    Lovely old fashioned cinema the GFT. Saw the premier of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon there. My good lady and I looked like the only peeps in the audience that needed the subtitles!

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    Heh, it felt like that when I saw Ip Man 3.

    That's great though. I love it when cinemas show films that appeal to different audiences.

    Let me know what you think of it if you go.

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    Got tickets for Saturday evening. Don't quite know if my good lady appreciates she's going to see a Korean action flick...

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    Sweet. I'm a bit jealous of that.

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    Saw The Villainess yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed. Plot wise it's a fairly bog standard revenge thriller. But the action is beautifully shot with stunning POV sequences and seemingly long takes. The opening sequence is almost like a first person take on the Oldboy corridor scene but amped up. The motorcycle scene from the trailer is stunning too. Elements of Jackie Chan style action too.
    I see it is available on Virgin Media PPV already.

    My good lady on the other hand hated it...

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    Cheers. Thanks for the feedback.
    Just looked and you're right, it is on Virgin. 4.49 for two days. I might treat myself, but I just dug out a load of Fu I've not watched yet.


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