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    I think I'll try to catch it at the Glasgow Film Theatre. They have a few showings on Friday and Saturday.

    Lovely old fashioned cinema the GFT. Saw the premier of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon there. My good lady and I looked like the only peeps in the audience that needed the subtitles!

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    Heh, it felt like that when I saw Ip Man 3.

    That's great though. I love it when cinemas show films that appeal to different audiences.

    Let me know what you think of it if you go.

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    Got tickets for Saturday evening. Don't quite know if my good lady appreciates she's going to see a Korean action flick...

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    Sweet. I'm a bit jealous of that.

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    Saw The Villainess yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed. Plot wise it's a fairly bog standard revenge thriller. But the action is beautifully shot with stunning POV sequences and seemingly long takes. The opening sequence is almost like a first person take on the Oldboy corridor scene but amped up. The motorcycle scene from the trailer is stunning too. Elements of Jackie Chan style action too.
    I see it is available on Virgin Media PPV already.

    My good lady on the other hand hated it...

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    Cheers. Thanks for the feedback.
    Just looked and you're right, it is on Virgin. 4.49 for two days. I might treat myself, but I just dug out a load of Fu I've not watched yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Team Andromeda View Post
    Bought this film yet again and I must say its a fantastic transfer and looks class on BluRay. Do miss the old VHS Made In Hong Kong english dub though

    We actually tried to include that, and it was in there for a while. But copyright issues prevented the old VHS dub audio from being on the released disc.

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    RE: BORN is looking pretty sweet!

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    I watched My Own Swordsman on Netflix few weeks back. Not even gonna bother posting a trailer, it's that bad. Awful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    I found a bunch of Kung Fu on Amazon Prime. Most of it is poor, but I'm sure there are some gems if you mine hard enough. They had Ghost Punting aka Lucky Stars Ghost Encounter, which I've been meaning to watch for ages after seeing a couple of clips, but it's pretty poor, tbh. There's a nice sequence midway through with Sammo beating up some thugs whilst wearing a rucksack and a decent rumble at the end, but the main running time is filled with dated sexist humour as the Lucky Stars perv after nearly anything female. There's a painful sequence as a male ghost tries to pull down the trousers of some ghost hunters and this isn't far after the Stars tried to put sleeping pills in their food. Even the fight at the end is uncomfortable because as Sammo takes on a selection of bad guys, two women are fighting with wet t-shirts, NERTs (nipples erect right through shirt) and fan-service panty shots as they kick. It's frustrating, because it's actually a really nicely shot sequence with tight cuts, camera movement to track the action and cleverly planned choreography to emphasise the power of the hits, which is business as usual with Sammo behind the action. Maybe watch the rucksack fight and the last fifteen minutes, remembering early 90s Asian cinema was a very different time!
    I had Ghost Punting but never got round to watching it. I like the early Lucky Stars films but one of the later ones I saw was terrible. Some of their humour is really dodgy and seedy, in the subtitled version of one of the early ones they cover a few rape jokes I think. I always loved the original english dubs and bought the european releases of them. I might rewatch them soon. How did you come across the term NERT?


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