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    I've continued my long delve into the world of mobiles as my S6 Edge continues its slow, slow decline into screen glitches. I've now got my vids etc all running from my old Xperia Z and have been looking at what's been out on a broader scale over the last 3-5 years.

    I've definitely come to one conclusion, screen notches absolutely suck. Man, they completely ruin the appearance of a phone and would annoy the hell out of me. They're like a ropey prototype of a bezel less phone the maker hasn't work out yet. For those that have dodged that issue and gone actually bezel less... well, better but you know what? I actually do like a bezel I've realised. It's like a handheld or playing a game on a mobile, I don't want my fingers to be over any part of the image display. You can try to pince the tipe edges of the device but really it's bad design making up for a novelty feature. I like having a bar on each side that acts as a safe zone to hold and easily watch vids etc without any detraction from convenience for any function.

    It's a consideration that's made going for an older model an easier pill to swallow. I'm definitely in the waiting period to get the money required and to ride out my current phone whilst there's still life in it but I think I've settled that the best of both worlds for me between function, form and not feeling like I've gone for something too cheap in build will be the Xperia XZ Premium

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    Two questions, people.

    1. Is there any way of finding out how strong a providers coverage is in your area before signing up to them? I've got the worst 4g ever it just dies here I've had to spend two hours to order something online and about thirty attempts just to reply to a thread here. The voice signal is bad too. Generally had decent service elsewhere so I don't really want to switch.

    2. I like Samsung and HTC devices the most but need a cheap or mid range phone in an emergency. Is the Moto E4 any good? Seems to have a huge battery but low res screen and I think 16gb will mean not many apps or space. Any tips?

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    @Superman Falls The OP6 is stupidly good! And you can disable the notch.

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    Had a check and it looks a decent phone but the price seems to weigh in much higher than an XZP can be picked up for


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