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Thread: garrz32

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    Searching didn't show a thread so...

    Bought PDZ 360 off garrz32.

    Arrived in excellent condition. Good comms.

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    Bought 3 NTSC/J Dreamcast Games off garrz32. The games arrived very quickly (posted next day), were very well packaged and were all in immaculate condition. An all round fantastic trader that comes highly recommended.


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    Garrz32 bought the Orange box (360) PAL, from me, and paid instantly. Good comms and a nice bloke.

    The game is winging it's way to Scotland now, and I hope Garrz32 settles in as a regular trader here.


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    I bought Rockman EXE Transmission from Garrz32. He was a friendly guy to deal with and I highly recommend him as a trader.

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    great seller - no probs at all

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    Fantastic to deal with, great comms. Fully modded his Neo Geo AES with UniBios 2.3, RGB Bypass and Superbright Blue Power LED in reset button. Paid really fast with no fees and everything went smoothly!

    Heartily recommended!

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    Sold a Super Famicom game to garrz32. A pleasure to deal with.

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    Sold KOF '94 Rebout to Garrz32 no probs - quick payer and nice bloke! Cheers

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    I bought The Orange Box; super quick delivery and friendly pms. Perfect, thanks.

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    I bought Trigger Heart E for the DC off garrz. Excellent comms and mighty quick delivery. Good stuff


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