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Thread: garrz32

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    Garry bought a 360 game from me and paid instantly. Excellent buyer.

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    Purchased some Retro Gamer mags... Perfect transaction. Thanks again.

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    Bought Metro Redux from garzz32. Item arrived quickly and is in great condition. Thanks again.

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    Kindly sent me a Taito sticker free of charge! A true gentleman! I won't forget this mate

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    Been a while since I traded Garry, (three years?!?!?!) but it went as smooth as ever when he bought some PS games from me. Thanks again bud.

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    Got Burnout 3 from me via the It's for Free thread. Very pleasant transaction, true gent.

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    Another PS game to Garry, another flawless trade. Cheers bud.

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    Sold me a PC engine hucard. Arrived quickly and in minty condition. Many thanks.

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    @garrz32 sold me a lovely condition Duo R Many thanks mate!

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    Sold me another minty hucard. Awesome as ever.


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