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Thread: garrz32

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    Couple of PS1 games went Gary's way this time.

    A pleasure as always

    Thanks again mate.

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    Sold me a PS1 game which was packed up so safely I honestly couldn't even work my way into it at first. Very up front about the condition of it too - a top man. Cheers!

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    Sold me a pair of PS1 games. Very well packaged, no chance at all of damage! Many thanks.

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    Item arrived well packaged and in great shape


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    Another purchase from this fine gent! Always good.

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    Bought a PS1 game, super quick dispatch and it was packed very very well!

    Wouldnt hesitate to buy again.


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    Bought a pair of awesome PS1 shmups.

    Very well packaged and in great condition. Recommended.

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    Bought "Gaia Seed" and "Night Raid" for PSX from him. Extremely nice person to deal with and shipped very quickly. Thank you!

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    Some ps1 shmups from Gary this time, great as always..

    Thanks again mate..

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    Gary bought a PC engine arcade card duo from me, all good.


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