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  1. #1001
    My stats are good because I'm very, very cheap and camp my sweet spots/glory holes very effectively. Although it should be noted I never use Juggernaut or noob tube. I'm very well acquainted with claymores, however.

  2. #1002
    Ah your one of these dirty campers then! I'm a run and gunner, always running about full sprint with bullets raining down on me from all directions. I used to be a bit of a claymore man myself but switched back to 3 x Frags now and getting quite tasty with them now. Know alot of spots for throwing them over buildings at the right angle to land of the capture points in domination. So good to get kills from miles away as they are capturing points!

    Got a quadruple kill with one grenade yesterday doing just that, District level, I was at C and we were losing B. Ran over to the stairs and lobbed the grenade right over the buildings and got all 4 guys trying to take B. It was awesome!

    Then today, on Bog, Domination again, we were losing B and I had an airstrike, stuck it half way between B and the bus, and took out THE WHOLE TEAM!! I was going crazy shouting and screaming when I done it.

    Love moments like that.

    But yeh, camping isn't as bad as using juggernaut, noob tube or martyrdom. Thats the worst one. I would probably beat someone up if I found out they used that in this game.

    God, I don't half talk alot about this game, I really am loving it again right now.

  3. #1003
    I've got used to camping my one or two sweetspots per map because I mainly play in random games without regular teammates, and hence because there's no matchmaking and most people are beyond awful, I've got used to not relying on even two or three teammates next to me to kill whoever comes around that corner so like to set up in a defensible position where I know my claymores will alert me to/kill whoever's sneaking up on me. Plus, if my team really is awful and can't defend themselves against gits running in with P90s and juggernaut, I like to try and defend one whole swathe of the map against their ineptitude.

    I never snipe, though. G3's as far in that direction as I go, and even then with red dot. I hateses the snipses.

  4. #1004
    Aw, poor snipers - so under-appreciated. I've never really understood why they're hated so much, because it does take a degree of skill to be any good at it. I suppose it can be annoying if you're taken out with one shot, but it's not like you don't know where they are if you wanna get your own back. Even if you're playing hardcore, I don't really see what the problem is. I just think it adds to the realism. The Yanks hate it the most, though. My rep has taken a right hammering ever since I tried my hand at sniping. I've even had people negging me for being too aggressive. I mean, how you can be too aggressive playing a war game? Does make me laugh, though. There's something a bit Dr Strangelove-ish about it.

  5. #1005
    Pipeline in hardcore + snipers at the back of the hill + ghilly suits + no killcam + modded controllers to rape you with pistol when you try to find them = snipers are bastards.

  6. #1006
    am now playing this on 360 as a noob cos my PS3 is broke until monday (I am Gold Cross on PS3) Interestly, the 360 pad and sound gives it a different 'feel'. Being a noob (although Ia m not) is fun cos everyone expexts yuo to be crap!!

  7. #1007
    Was on this last night for the first time in ages and it felt like a lot of stuff had been tweaked since I last played it. Maybe just my imagination but helicopters definitely seemed to be more deadly, and also Claymores - You used to be able to sprint past them a lot of the time and survive, but not now...

  8. #1008
    Helos are nastier in conjunction with a UAV, particularly in hardcore. People are probably just being more canny with claymores so that you run into them rather than past them. That and having sonic boom. That's what mean old me does.

  9. #1009
    Yeah forget about that sometimes, the perk to make explosives more powerful as sometimes I see a claymore and walk by it on purpose thinking I'll make it past but it kills me.

    I love getting heli's now and usually wait until a UAV is out to deploy it for more kills. One of mine today got at least ten kills, it was amazing, totally kicked ass.

  10. #1010
    Stuck this on again for the first time in a good week or two.

    Started off being absolutely garbage, playing against the old sniper + ACOG combo which is annoying as **** to play against. After that though the games were good, and we finished off with Domination on Showdown.

    Using my new Heli technique of waiting til I die, killing afew people then deploying it. Means it almost always gets me an Airstrike, and hopefully if my UAV it's earned is still up, I can place a good enough airstrike to get another chopper. Rinse and repeat.

    Used it so well that I went 52 kills with 7 deaths, 4 airstrikes, 4 helicopters in that one game. It was oh so sweet, and we also won the game, coming from behind, 200-199 in the last second.


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